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  1. I dont even have to click it to know how bad it will be, nasty piece of work. Dont let strangers negative opinions get under your skin Jacks, you think about you and yours, thats what counts x
  2. yep Benjie has now actuually mastered scottish and english telephone voices, as I still speak to my family in Scottish when they ring so he now does both. I think further studies should be done into birds talking rather than just mimicking, as we all know that they definately are talking when they are prompted by actions, they arent just copyiing!
  3. Hi hun, you still anywhere near me? Oh and did you sort out all that stuff with that horrid guy?
  4. I had a bath, and we always pass on the bath water, so i shouted downstairs really loudly Who wants this water? "yer" says.......... Benjie! Well.... Dave was in the front room and he heard it first hand like a proper raise voice/shout, and I was at the top of the stairs and very nearly dropped my towel from laughing, it was honestly one of those "had to be there to believe it" moments.... comical timing or what! Most mornings, I lay in bed when the kids are getting themselves ready and all I can hear is Benjie going" Billy, Ryan, stop it, have you got your bag, have you done the birds, have you got your money, put the kettle on, be good, see you later, bye, have good day,", not in that order lol! Then Pixie will squalk when they go and he says "PIXIE SHUT UP". I dont honestly think I could ever be without them!
  5. fanks sue x x x x And you scouser of course... thought you might be in with a shout tonight after Wigan went one nil up.... but then again we always know that means nowt.
  6. You couldnt miss me if you tried! thanks guys x x x x x I still pop in every now and then, never a stranger Im still getting over a hugely dissapointing day out at the Arsenal on Sunday... the less said about that the better grrrrrrrr!
  7. any better yet Sue, I positively cringed reading this, your very brave.
  8. No this is like coming home to a big fat soft settee and snuggling back with friends and chilling and gossiping about the outside world.
  9. I do twitter! I love following Alan Carr he cracks me up! I shall be popping in now Ive got my link all set up again. Got a new lappy and had to replace all my favorites and its in place now
  10. I had it too. Whether its a real story or not, its still lovely words. We have a parade in town this weekend giving the local regiment freedom of arms (I think thats what its called) so we are going to watch that, should be interesting.
  11. Just floating around the neverending land of the internet, never too far. Just pooped in to make sure your all behaving yourselves
  12. very funny, if I were clever enough Id make a cartoon of those pics with caption bubbles
  13. your truelly utterly nutterly jacks! good luck, will send a donation on pay day x
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