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  1. I have been there a couple of times, I would say it is the easiest way to lose money if you buy a bird from there, unless you are into taxidermy!
  2. There is a women in the Midlands that has a pair but she will never sell them. I think there are some pairs for sale in the States, Mike K might know where, but the amount that you will be charge will probably be comparable to the uk deficit.
  3. A pictures of David's last Welsh fishing day!
  4. What colour is the shed? If it is Black or very dark colour, the wood will be sell heated by the sun! Your shed will needs loads of ventilation, if it is well insulated for sound and has water present in it (water bowls for the birds or the shed has damp from rain) with little movement of air you have built yourself a slow sauna. The insulation can keep the temperature down as the wood heats, but it will also stop the wood breathing and it will sweat, hence more moisture! If you want to lose the sauna effect remove one side of the shed and replace with wire so you have large circulation of fresh air. This will also make your birds a lot healthier as they need direct day light. On the other hand, buy an outside aviary from Rosemead or Aletek, chuck the birds out from the shed and go Swedish with your new Sauna!!!!!
  5. Nah, I heard "Caravan of Love" on the radio yesterday, so I do not think the volcanic ash has made any difference to the Housemartins!
  6. I saw this chain about 8 years ago, so probably a urban myth.
  7. Hiya, it's Natalie (Mark's wife) - I'm having trouble getting the photo to upload, so I'll get Mark to put it up when he gets home! Mum and pups all sleeping soundly at the moment :-) Thanks for all your kind messages
  8. Well, after a VERY long night with our lovely girl, we have 8 gorgeous puppies sleeping soundly, Mum and babies all doing well! Some of them have doberman features like their mum, some take after their dad and look like pointers, and some have a lovely mix of both! We'll add photos over the weekend
  9. Thank you all, well I'm now another year older and another year more stupid!
  10. I was wondering if anybody on here breeds any of the Pionopsitta parrots, purely being inquisitive if there are any in the UK. I know Mike has some Pionopsitta Pileata, but I have never seen any of the other species in the UK.
  11. There seems to be a very strong feeling on the forum again that ‘breeders = bad’ and anybody that breeds should be banned, etc etc I would like to make 4 points, 1) If everybody stops breeding, in 20 to 40 years nobody in the UK would have any life long avian members of the family. 2) The price of birds in the UK will go through the roof, if you love your CAG would you of spent £10K buying it, because that is what it would be in 10 years with no breeding? 3) If nobody breeds birds in the UK the underground parrot smuggling would become a massive business again. Please do some research on how smugglers operate, its shocking, 50 Senegals in a single cat carrier!!!!! 4) The theft of parrots would massively increase. As I know this thread will stir up some clique attack, I will answer the question up front, yes I do breed parrots, but only rarer species of Amazons with the odd pair of Macaws, cockatoos and Greys and I ONLY parent rear birds. If people go to Pet shops or breeders to ‘rescue’ the poor sad CAG, all they are doing to relieving the sadness of one birds life but they are also encouraging the shop/ breeder to carry on badly treating avian life. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind, one birds life against fifty birds lives. The only thing that you can do is report bad breeders or shops to the authorities and only purchase from good breeders, cut out the middle men who are only in it for pure profit! True breeders do it for the love of the birds and using breeding to pay for the birds! I have been watching the forum from afar in the last year or so because the masses on here seem to be getting in a cliquey and condemn the breeders and the young, I’m still very good friends with David, Roz and some of the advisors. I still do my best to point people to the forum and support the forum.
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