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  1. Hello all, I miss you all. I have the new problem again :cry: :cry: We don't know who is his master .. we adopted him at March 2007 He is Eclectus Parrot , we guess he is about 1-2 years old When he came home, he stay in a small cage like this and take the DIY collar. now (but not update, I will take it tomorrow) When he came to ours home, he only get 340g and undernourished now he;s about 400g, We give him some supplements for plumage growing like Quiko Bio and also take Ardap anti-mite Spray for him but his feathers is not getting well he still always chew his feather. this is the first time we keep the feather chewing parrot :cry: :cry: could you please give us some suggestion??
  2. http://www.parrotcoffeeshop.com/pig/cat/ more video.. as the video,you can see that luilui can climb in the cage. but luilui seems don;t like the DV... hehe
  3. I haven;t receive Dr chris E-mail yet, by the ways, about the colour of plumage, http://www.landofvos.com/strange/blondie.html
  4. This photos was taken when lui lui with leg wing [/img]
  5. you're welcome cgm, in fact I just try my best to help the baby... :cry:
  6. Goofy..Can I eat it?? goofy.. Let me think george want to eat, too!! I'm goofy brother...george ....""beauty girl'" :oops: wowowow..I;m a boy!!! cos raining in Hong Kong, too boring and taking photos with them..hehe :roll:
  7. amazongary, THANKS FOR YOUR PM... :oops: :oops: sorry for the late reply and herewith somes newest photos for luilui The Setting of the cage she can climb in the cage the excrement after eating milk
  8. Thank alot for the reply.. maybe is it better to take a video for reference?? herewith the medication to try first.. http://www.hauko.com.tw/Images/A03.jpg more information: http://www.hauko.com.tw/product11.asp#
  9. Yes..one of the vet say it may be the problems of the gene :cry:
  10. thank alot for your help dr chris haven:t reply us :cry: just pm to you..thanks!!
  11. Thank you very much :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
  12. Hello showgirl..some questions want to ask you It about the eclectus foot problem again Vet said maybe the worm, Newcastle Disease and Salmonella to hurt the nerves He do not suggest luilui to take X ray while she is a baby.. He suggest us to try different medication but it should hurt luilui ... what is your suggestion??? THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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