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  1. I just pop for 5 min to have little read and have to say, you just made my day lovely pictures and am sooo happy Sindy is with you Loads of kisses to you all xxxx
  2. Hi, you do NOT need for bare eyed cockatoo cites papers. As for the eye colour some female will have brown ish colour and some almost as light as burgundy. Males eye colour is pure black. Hope that help a bit
  3. For some with experience with handling birds like parrotlady it may seems to be feairly easy to keep male Too in check but for novice owner to it all I still think female is much more safe.
  4. Parrotlady said it all, maybe one more thing from my personal experience if you do decide for one of those biger species of white Toos get a female!!! Males really dont make great pets after they reach maturity
  5. just wanted to say thanks to everyone who replyed. I think I have found someone so fingers cross all will work out well. I think it will, and I feel bit better now, one worry of my mind. UUUFFFF
  6. To Krisjvv I think it is 70 miles or something like that. To Shell I will send you email later. The trouble is there is not enough hours in the day for me so am trying to find some one close to me, or if some one willing to pick them up that would be helpfull.
  7. Hello, am looking for some to hand reare chicks from my breeding birds. Am no longer able to do it myself as working long hours now. Am looking for some one who have got plenty of time on theirs hands as I do have bad experience with people hand rearing the chicks and put them back in brooder, cage and those birds although hand reared are not really cuddly tame. I did reduce my breeding pairs so there will not be huge amount of chicks, but still quite a few (hopefully). Any one interested can you please send me email. Thanks
  8. What site was it, may I ask? Thanks
  9. BLOODHOUND -just wanted to ask does any one here know of breeder. Am looking for while for puppy but can not find one. I dont mind wait, but am just unable to locate breeder. Any one know of one? Thank you
  10. I feel I should respond to this as the bird in question is from me. The weaning age of eclectus parrot is round 10 to 12 weeks. I did let the bird go to new home at 10 weeks old but, she did feed herself not just cracking the seeds, also she was eating her fruit, veg and pasta rice ..... Emily come down to see the bird when the chick was 5 weeks old and we had long chat, I did explain my feeling about the eclectus parrot and pointed out about the female being the dominant and therefore can become quite nippy when older. Only than I did said when bitting I do tap the beak (not hard) just to get the attention and with firm voice I say no and push her beak away and put the cage back into the cage. I did not mentioned taping her beak when creeching. Why did I let the bird go at 10 weeks? From my experience, no matter how much time I do spend with eclectus chicks (normaly from 6 weeks old they are regulary played with and spend lots of time being handled) the eclectus chicks are vary of strange people and can be bit nippy. Therefore I feel if the new owner is capable to finish the hand feeding it make it much easier on chick and the owner. I do hand reared numbers of parrots from cockatoos, macaws to CAG, eclectus and caiques. People often dont want understand when they taking the chick home it will take time for the chick to get used to new environment and all new things. I do not sell bird to everyone who come down with cash, Emily was here prior buying the chick and they were very much knoleged about keeping parrot and did they home work, before jumping into parrot keeping. I did explain how to carry on with hand feeding 2x a day, how to prepare the food, right temperature and so. Emily is very responsible young lady and I know I did the right thing and had good feeling this little chick went to top home. I just want to point out the macaws are normaly leaving at 20 weeks old so are the cockatoos, CAG at 12 weeks old and I do let eclectus parrot specialy female go earlier if I had meet the new owner prior the buy and am sure they are capable of finishing the job. I do fing eclectus female bit challenging to keep as pet and I do make sure who I sell them to. I do not sell cockatoos male for the pet purpose and I am not in it just for the money. The parrot is always more important and comes first. Feel free to coment, also am here 24/7 for people who have parrots from me, pets or breeding ones and if I can not answer questions with confidence I always seek advice from much experience people.
  11. Sad person that is, why dont she put picture of herself in photo bucket so we all can have look at her as she seems to be so keen to insult every one. Am sure she is right natures disaster. Now bugger of and leave those top people alone!
  12. He has been advertising here whille ago, thats when I was looking for scarlet. I have put the ad wanted somewhere else not here, but I do remember this person name and hes where about from that time when I book the scarlet from him on this site. So dont know if that still would be fair, probably not, but he is one sad man.
  13. :cry: I feel so angry, we all know the time waster when we selling something, but then also when we buying. I placed advert on the net as wanted proven pair macaws . This person from here replied, with picture of the pair . The price was bit up, but than you get what you paying for. He never send me his number so I asked him to ring. I did ask when I can come to see those birds and he said Monday witch wasnt that great for me so I asked Tuesday. He said he will ring back, so I rearranged the work to fit Monday in as he wasnt that happy with Tuesday and was waiting for him to ring back. He never, send him email am interested can do Monday and nothing. So Tuesday I was at work up to late cos all this, time I could spend with my boy and also there was another person who called with pair for sale, but as I though I will get the one from this person I said am no longer wanting pair. I have saved the number in my phone anyway, I called this new person on Tuesday if he still have it and he said someone should send deposit so can I wait till 2day if it arrive. Well sure it did so I have to keep looking. Why people just waisting your time? Any way I rememberd some time ago this same person place add in here with hand reared babies macaw and I book in scarlet and sure enough he never got back to me when the time was up to pick the bird up I do wonder if anyone have bird from this person or is he just going round and waisting peoples time. Dont want name tho. Well I feel much better now! SORRY FOR MUMBLING :oops:
  14. I know of young pair for sale in Czech, they are round for sale just there is no need to advertised those birds
  15. They are hard to keep, very strong chewers. Definitelly only for the very best breeders.
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