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  1. If anyone is interested in signing a petition to ban extreme inbreeding , Joe Inglis (ex vets in practice) who appeared on the program has set one up. Here is the link http://www.petitionthem.com/default.asp?sect=detail&pet=4262
  2. Thank you - you are quick aren't you! Emma x
  3. I was thinking of ordering one of these for my dogs (as they have £10 off and bonfire nights coming!) does anyone know if they are safe to use near parrots as they are plug ins? Thanks Emma
  4. Vetmedic do frontline at a good price - thats what I use on my dogs. £15.13 for 3 20-40kg dog (smaller is cheaper, larger a bit more.) they also do shampoos and stuff too. If it is cat fleas it could cause an allergic reaction and make the dog more itchy and need further treatment. Emma x
  5. I have a chinchilla and she is the friendliest rodent I've ever had. They are brilliant pets. She doesn't smell at all and is very clean, she poops in a litter tray so its easy to clean out. she squeeks to the parrots and comes over for tickles and cuddles when you come in the room. She is much cleaner and less smelly than my rabbits, guinea pigs or rats. They do move quick but so do other small animals. I recommend them as pets. They do need to be kept cool in summer though as they can get heat stroke. Emma
  6. I have seen a thing on petplanet.co.uk that you hold and attatch your exsisiting leads to. It is called a grripp lite (has a torch built in) Its in the dog innovations page 2. I think it gives the dogs a bit more freedom than a coupler. Its £9.99
  7. Wow, cheers stormbird these look just the job and cheaper than I was expecting to pay Going spending now!!!
  8. I have just got a Chinchilla. The cage he came in is awful - like a small dog cage with a weird extra bit on top. I have looked around 5 pet shops and found nothing I think would be suitable. I have got an old parrot cage (grey size) which is in better condition and I could convert. What do you chinchilla owners think? Gonna surf the net in a bit to research so if anyone knows of a good place to look I'd appreciate it!
  9. Well I have to admit one women who thought Sumo was a wolf also kept calling Otto a Doberman ( he's a Rottweiler) and Ami a Pit Bull ( she's a English Bull) - sorry to question your canine knowledge!
  10. Could also have been a Saarloos wolf dog, but I would guess, as both are pretty rare, that it was an Akita. I have one - Sumo and lots of people mistake him for a wolf, a husky or an alsatian. They do have a spitz type tail usually, but do also hold them straight out, usually when being inquisitive or resting. They are big, Sumo is taller than Otto my Rottie. Unfortunately I don't know how to upload pictures otherwise I would show you Sumo! Emma
  11. Sorry -yes it is september and the link little als mum put up is the same organisation. You can also buy it in tesco, or just have a sneaky peek and put it back! They may be able to help and for £6 its worth a try, having a big organisation behind you may even scare the woman in to giving him back, hope so anyway! Good Luck Emma x
  12. I read an article in the magazine 'dogs today' this month about Justice for dogs an organisation that helps with legal advice for dog owners - it costs £6 to join but there is an example that reminded me of your situation. It may be worth looking into. The article is on page 21,22 and the contact number is 01544 370213. It says all the major animal charities and the kennel club use the lady - Ann Harpwood for legal advice. Hope you hear something soon. Emma
  13. I'm junction 25 of M1, Nottingham if you need me, at home all day at the moment on school holidays (don't worry I'm a teacher not a kid!) Emma x
  14. I have one of those things that is supposed to join two dogs onto one lead. It has a clip at each end with a short bit of tape lead and a ring bit in the middle.I clip it around the side of tickles cage over both swing feeder bits. Because its on the outside she can't get at it or hurt herself and it is easy to change her food and water. I did buy it for the dogs but I don't recommend having two Rotties on the same lead - it doesn't work! Emma
  15. sorry, just going back to the pet shop - do you mean the one in codnor or another one actually in ripley?! I can't really comment on Danni as I don't know her or what she posted but lets hope Obe is happy in his new home with someone who will take care of him for years to come. Emma x
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