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  1. My macaws love new toys but the greys are suspicious of anything new, i have to leave them out a while for them to see them and i even play with them myself for them to see what they are lol, great fun!! As soon as they realise that they are fun things for them then they destroy them with great delight!
  2. I had a similar incident with chico with one of them doingy ropes a few weeks ago, it came undone at the top and got tangled round her feet and she was hanging!! Lucky i was there to save her!
  3. Hi, chico is 16 months old and have had her since 3 months, Angus is nearly 3 and have had him since november. After 6 months of getting to know each other i thought i'd give it a go and i've just bought a new larger cage and put them in together and they seem ok, there is a bit of bickering going on now and then over a branch that they both seem to like but apart from that they are ok. Angus is the boss so she knows how far to push him as she does aggrivate him quite a lot, ie.. biting his tail on the way past lol I suppose it depends on the birds and letting them get to know each other first is the first step. Saying that, when i got Rocky my GW a few months ago i put him straight in with Ozzie my B&G to see how they would react and they bonded instantly, they can now not be seperated, its love!
  4. My greys attack their toys really aggressive aswell, Angus is always screaming at his mirror as if its done something wrong! Im having similar problems of my own at the moment with my GW. Hes just turned 1 and ive had him for 4 months. Ive got him to step up to go back into his cage but i dont trust him. Hes so happy here as long as i DONT touch him. Its only early days yet so im not giving up hope yet.
  5. John is building a new aviary at the moment, he layed the concrete yesterday so it will be a few weeks yet till its finished and i cant wait till they're out in it. Yours looks great!
  6. I give all mine a cheese string, they love them lol.
  7. Im so sorry to hear of little Bella, i only joined here yesterday and was reading up on her feathers as im having problems with my little chico. My heart goes out to you all, R.I.P little Bella, kath x x x x x
  8. Hi everyone. I live in wrexham near chester and am able to look after anyone birds for a week or two. Cage maybe required depending if i have a spare one at the time. I am experienced with african greys and macaws but willing to look after whatever you have, just pm me! kath x
  9. Thanks for these posts roz, they were very interesting. Do you think it would be worth trying some of that pluck stop? I feel so useless with her. All her new ones start coming through then she pulls them all out again :cry: :cry:
  10. Hi, ive just had a quick read on this and im so sorry to hear of charlies news. Is this what happens to the feathers when they get PBFB? Its something that ive never seen before so i dont know what to look out for. Is he ok and what happens now? kath x
  11. Hi everyone its kath and im new on here. I have 2 greys chico, shes 16 months old and angus he is nearly 3, and i also have a B&G ozzie and a greenwing Rocky!! They have both just turned one. Ive had chico since she was 3 months, ive had angus for 6 months, ozzie since she was 3 months and Rocky since he was 7 months. A right handful eh!! Well, since we bought ozzie last june chico started plucking. When i say plucking, she is bald!! We have tried everything we can but nothing has helped. She has had lots of tests done and is in perfect health. We changed her diet onto harrisons and she has plenty of fruit and veg which she totally enjoys. We have recently bought a larger cage and put the greys in together which they both seem to be ok with, we do have a little odd fight over the branch that they both like but apart from that both are happy. Ive thought about having a collar put on her but have read a lot of bad reports on this so i decided against it as she is a happy little bird! Has anyone got any suggestions for me as i have run out of things to help her now :cry: :cry: She has loads of new toys and is spoilt rotten and i feel so unhappy about her looking like this, poor thing. One thing i forgot to mention is that she HATES me!!! She loves john and goes out of her way to bite me any chance she has, i feed her, clean her and do everything with her but im afraid that john is the chosen one lol. Please help, kath x
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