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  1. Hi, were currently planning a new aviary to house 14 cockatiels. having had a timber one until now, we think the maintenance free aspect of an aluminium one would be the best option. We're aware of Morley, Alutek and Rosemead, but does anyone have any other suggestions or recommendations as to which supplier is best? We are planning an indoor area for nestboxes / weather protection etc - can this be incorporated as part of the aluminium structure or does it need to be constructed separately from timber. The overall size will be about 3600 x 2000, with a separate porch / entrance area..... Thanks
  2. Hi from Exmouth, my mum lives in Tiverton. I also breed Cockatiels and have an African Grey!
  3. I have one of Anton's medium hanging activity stands for my African Grey and we both think it's brilliant! :wink:
  4. So sorry to hear your sad news, thinking of you xx
  5. Thanks for the reply , and here was me thinking I may be able to trace the breeder and tell them what a smashing girl Digger is!! :roll:
  6. I have to admit I am amazed at the thought of Digger being an imported baby..... I take it that is what Mike K means? I got her from a bird pet centre in Devon and was told that she was locally bred and they just finish off the hand rearing! I always thought of this family run place as reliable! :cry: Is there any chance that the NL part of her band is the breeders initials? So what does the 12.0 and then a sideways 05 mean? Thanks
  7. The ring is a stainless steel closed ring....... Mike K can I ask why you think she was bred in Holland?
  8. Could someone please tell me what the letters and numbers mean on Diggers (African Grey) leg band.They are as follows.. (019 NL **** BEC), 12.0.05 I assumed the last number was a date but it doesn't match her hatch date?!! Thankyou numbers edited out to protect security ... the full number is the owner's personal identification that could prove ownership if (we hope it never happens) the bird was lost and refound
  9. Thanks everyone, all the family think the results are wrong :roll:
  10. Right, I have emailed David, but now my membership states that I'm a chatty member and not a trader member that I've paid for :roll: Help
  11. Hi, I have paid my £10 membership, so am I right in thinking that I should be able to post in the .... Topics of chat and general interest and Soapbox sections? Just tried to post a reply and it won't let me! Thanks
  12. Hi everyone, I've had a shock this morning!! My Grey is totally bonded to me (I'm female!) so I have always assumed , and been told that Digger must be a boy! Wrong! Apart from the usual issues such as Digger says 'hello Diggerboy' and 'hello big boy' :shock: , I'm looking for advise on what this changes. Is she likely as she reaches maturity (she'll be one this weekend) to decide she prefers men to women, will it mean behavioural differences etc. Obviously I will need to be aware of the possibility of egg laying, is this a common problem with greys? Please don't think this changes the way I feel about my baby because you couldn't find a more loved girly, but I just want to be in full posession of all the facts :wink: Anybody else had a shock like this?! :shock:
  13. Thinking of you all and hoping for some positive news xxxx
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