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  1. June - so true. Macaulay's favourite is when his Pa is prone on the floor on the laptop and poop! Gotcha. I didn't like to say......! Dirty bird! Caz
  2. My 3 year old Macaw, Macaulay, has wet poops sometimes, depending on what he eats - green grapes will do it. As long as your Macaw has the 'regular' type of poo as well I don't think you need to worry. If you are at all concerned, pop him off to the vet for a check up. Caz
  3. I'm so sorry to hear of Jo-Jo's passing - you made her very happy in her old age, and she died in the safest place, in the arms of her loving Mum. Thinking of you all. xx
  4. Just out of interest, what do people do with their parrot's feathers? I have some beautiful feathers from Macaulay, and some long tail feathers, and such fabulous colours - he's a blue and gold macaw. I have kept them all but don't know what to do with them. Caz
  5. I have a Westie, Lulu (see my photos). She's a little treasure, lovely temperament, quick to learn, and fortunately we have had no skin problems. She loves to play with Macaulay (B&G) but the cat lets her know who really rules the roost. She's great in the park, executes her commands when told. I don't let her off the lead on pavements as she is a terrier, if she saw a friend or a cat she'd be off I think so I don't take the risk. She has a Westie friend Polo, they get on really well together. Although she's a small dog she stands her ground with bigger dogs - her favourite fella is Otto, a German Shepherd! I love her to bits. Caz
  6. My partner's Dad's cat has unfortunately been run over and killed, poor thing, but she has just had 4 kittens. He reckons they are about 2 weeks old, eyes open. He has brought them home (born to the cat on a chicken farm) and his Mum is going to try to hand rear them. She's not got the best of patience, and she rang me to ask what to feed them on. I told her to get to a vet for some good advice and then I thought of the forum. What should she do? Caz 2243
  7. What a lovely 'Too! Bless. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/coventry_warwickshire/6541785.stm If anyone can shrink the link it would be great.............. Caz2243
  8. Good News! Macaulay seems almost back to normal! Phew. He seems much happier, is prancing round his cage, playing with his toys, eating his fruit&veg, and his kaytee. No biting on his trips out, just lots of nail chewing (mine) and playfulness. He even whistled at me this morning. I'll have to start weaning him off the baby food now. Thanks all. Caz
  9. Just an update - Macaulay's behaviour was really worrying me, he nearly bit my index finger off when I touched his beak and he doesn't bite as a rule - he sliced it like a razor. He wasn't eating either so I put him back on baby parrot food and whizzed him off to the vet. He gave him a couple of jabs, one was baytril. No improvement so we went back again yesterday. Clive anesthetized Mac very lightly and looked at his beak, mouth and windpipe but found nothing. He now thinks it could be a nerve irritation - he gave Macaulay whole walnuts when they looked after him but I always give them to him cracked (he dislocated his beak at 5 months so a bit wary) and hemay have caused pain to his beak. So he has 1/5 of a tablet and two head massages daily until we go back on Monday. He loved the massage and does seem brighter this morning. I shall keep up the baby food till Monday at least and I hope he'll start eating his fruit and veg - which seemed to give him a shock when he went to eat them. I dunno, so complicated, so fragile, but so lovely. Caz
  10. Thanks for the reassurance - he's moving around the cage more now and seems well and happy, but possibly a bit sore around his beak - he normally has a chew of my nails but couldn't seem to do it last night, and isn't eating his walnuts out of the shell but will take them unshelled from my hand. And I noticed he keeps rubbing his beak on his wooden perch. I'll keep a close eye on him. Caz
  11. Hi Stormbird We went on hols for two weeks and left Macaulay in the capable hands of the vet practice where he is well looked after. This is the second time we have left him, last time for a week, this time for 2 weeks. He is 20 months old . On the morning of Monday 12 March the vets clipped Macaulay's claws. We picked him up in the afternoon and he seemed fine. He was very quiet at first but soon started chatting but he's off his food. He doesn't seem to want to move around the cage much and I wondered if his claws are sore, or feel funny after being cut. I gave him some walnut from my finger and he ate it but doesn't seem intereted in getting to his bowls. The water bowl was clear where he normally makes parrot soup. I rang the vet and he said Macaulay might be pining as he had lots of attention while he was there - there are only us 2 at home, plus cat and dog. Macaulay is also sticking his tongue out of the side of his mouth a lot. He's flying to us and being friendly but I am worried about him - the vet said to take him tomorrow if he's still the same. Anything I can do to stimulate him to move around and eat his fruit and veg? Caz
  12. Hi Showgirl Yes, she is insured thank goodness. So will the special food be covered on the insurance? And the viacutan? I'll let you know when we get the results back. The other question I wanted to ask and forgot is that Lulu was spayed last January, in between seasons, but she has been showing us a lot of Lulu love in the last few weeks :oops: - my leg can't take much more. Why is she still doing this? Caz
  13. I don't know what the food is - they ordered it last week, due in tomorrow. They also recommended viacutin which she seems to like - perhaps I'll coat the tablets in that! I thought we had got away with allergies - she is 2 years 5 months - but I guess they can start at anytime. We also cut the bushes in the garden up to a height that she can't reach incase she has had a reaction. Will that show up in the tests? Caz
  14. Hi Showgirl Thanks for the tips re getting Lulu's anti-b's down - I got the treats that you pop the tablet inside but now she knows - she eats the outside and spits the tablet out. So this morning, late for work as usual and not wanting a fuss, I dipped the tablet in the cat's tuna and it went down a treat! She has to start and exclusion diet tomorrow but the vet hasn't had the test results back yet (skin rash/bumps) - shouldn't we wait for the tests to come back before starting the diet? How she'll cope without treats and stealing the cat's food I don't know. How am I supposed to get the tablets down without other foodstuffs?! Caz
  15. Blue and gold is best - such vibrant colours. I'm not biased in any way of course :wink: They do have large beaks but my Macaulay is such a softie he doesn't use his beak in anger - only a little nip, like a pinch, if he's had enough. My daughter was very wary of him but now he's calls her name and talks to her she's like putty in his hands..............
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