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  1. Harlequin

    Horny boys

    Yes I think this is a very commen problem, our pet Eclectus female used to be equally as fond of both myself and my wife when she was a younger bird. But since becoming adult and the hormones have set in, she has become totally bonded with my wife and just about tolerates me on a good day, on a bad day I have to watch out as she will and does draw blood if I am not on my guard. If my partner is not around she will sit on my arm and be quite docile, but I can't cuddle her like I used to. But if she is out with my partner she becomes totally intolerant of me and if I approach her she will certainly cause me harm. On the other hand we have a female Caique who behaves exactly the opposite, loves me to bits but I my wife approaches her eyes become fiery and she will look to bite my partner without mercy. in general hand reared pet parrots when matured always tend to want close bonding with one person, I read before that this mainly relates to hand reared parrots in isolation from other baby parrots, but I don't believe that is so as our hand reared Eclectus and Caique was brought up initially with other young parrots.
  2. Harlequin

    Great news

    I think most breeders I talked with have found this year a particularly poor breeding season. A lot of clear and DIS. The weather has been so extreme that the poor birds have found it difficult manage the eggs.
  3. I will happy to share some of my experiences and issues which are topical in relation to parrots and parrot conservation, but I will refrain from blogging as I fear it would be rather dull compared to those dedicated parrot conservation workers who spend there lives dedicated to protecting parrots in the wild. I am fortunate to have met a few and the issues of conservation increasingly seem to become more and more complex, with sometimes unexpected consequences.
  4. I am also pleased to see the Parrot-Link back up and running again, Having retired last year from work, and more or less retired from breeding parrots although we still have a few breeding pairs. We have our pet parrots Eclectus female (Poppy), Galah Cockatoo (Elvis), Senegal (Billy) and Caique ( Cheeky) which give us alot of pleasure. And we visit parroty places whenever we can, just returned from the Global Parrot Convention in Tenerife. Conservation of parrots in the wild are a main interest for us now and we intend to support this more in future, and perhaps spend some time seeing parrots in the wild which has become a ambition for us now, when the opportunity allows. Anyway great to see some familiar people on here
  5. Harlequin

    Eclectus Vosmaeri

    I am breeding pure Eclectus Vosmaeri but would like to find another breeder with the same to exchange young with. Please send me a PM if you can help.
  6. Harlequin

    Home needed for female Vos - Urgent

    I have sent you a personal message in regard to the Vosmaeri female.
  7. I think it unlikely that apart from the Green winged Macaws (and even they are scarce) that you are going to have much luck finding the others unless you have deep pockets. The hybrids and the Scarlets are very much sought after. More realistic would be Blue & Gold or the smaller Hahns Macaws, which are much more commonly bred and make equally good pet Macaws. Quite often you see these offered for rehoming.
  8. Harlequin

    HELP ..

    My 2 Black headed are now reserved.
  9. Harlequin

    HELP ..

    I am handrearing 2 at the moment but also won't be ready for 4/5 weeks, based in Nottingham
  10. Harlequin

    poicephalus parrots

    I spoke to a friend of mine over the weekend who recently put a male Senegal in an aviary with a female Meyer for companionship, to find over the weekend she had laid eggs Not at all what he was intending, but probably the eggs will be infertile.
  11. Harlequin

    What other hobbies do you enjoy?

    An avid music collector, especially ancient rock but also even the most recent artists. Just bought the new Lady Gaga, Jessie J and Katy Perry CD's (not bad for an old 60 year old) Also a petrol head and watched just about every F1 race for the last 50 years and still dream of owning an Aston Martin Holiday's on exotic locations (just coincidence if parrots are in the vicinity) And buying my wife expensive presents
  12. Harlequin

    Parrot Lovers Cruise

    Apart from the Rainbow Lories there was also a lone Blue Streaked Lory who sadly lost its mate.
  13. Harlequin

    Parrot Lovers Cruise

    yes also the first time I saw Caiques in a parrot show. Maybe not as clever as some of the other show parrots but great see them "still my favourite" but don't tell the other parrots. It was good entertainment, the trainer has kind of semi retired on the Island and previously was involved as a trainer in some of the larger US parrot parks.
  14. Harlequin

    Parrot Lovers Cruise

    Lost me editing rights on the last photos. But the Lories were at "Coral World" on St. Thomas And the last photo is a pair of old Parrot Lovers !