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  1. when jim has been poorly in the past the vet recommended warm ribena. She liked it x and i fed it from a spoon
  2. If its rats then if you can obtain ferret poo (yes i know!) and put it in the garden or wherever they have been then they seem to dissappear!
  3. I would be happy to chip in - if a home could be found - doesn't matter if we pay slightly over odds if it gets this birdie sorted x
  4. I was worried to look at the topic thinking somethign bad had happened! Great pics!
  5. Good point Harrys Mummy My sennie is like this too - however at least we are giving our birds (hopefully) the best we can and offering the freedom and encouraging them to do so - some people get too frightened of "what might" happen when the bird is released from the cage and therefore don't. At lease the grey in question doesn't sound too traumitised by it all - why don't you give him this website so either him or his parents could do a little research and maybe realise themselves what they could do differently? x
  6. Same here - Senegals make a lovely soup of their water!!. I think you are doing the right thing here gummsybhoy27 but it's always good to ask
  7. maybe a little re education is the key - if that's what they've been advised then maybe they think that this is what they should stick too?? Get them on here! We'll sort them out!! xx
  8. oh great news - I like a happy ending even if it means filling the pockets of people like that. Lets have some pics soon too! It does get me thinking though - another topic i'm sure as to whether there is some way we could set up a fund of some kind for cases like this where birds are in deseperate need of rescue/care - alot of us out there would take on a bird in this situation whether long term or temporary, however, money can be the issue - a bit of a debate of the pros and cons but nevertheless food for thought? x
  9. Good luck! Let us know if there is anything I can do - I'm in Wakefield x
  10. 3 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs, 2 tortoises and 2 fish ooh almost forget a Red setter too - erry Dog! :oops: x
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