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  1. 2 cats, 2 shetland ponies, 1 alpaca + baby, 4 choox, 1 harris hawk, 1 Alfee macaw and a partridge in a ............ sorry got carried away ':D'
  2. poor little mite, he's so small to have all these problems but at least he's in the best place with you. Everything crossed for his quick and simple recovery
  3. What can I say - my heart goes out to you at this horrible time ....Hugs
  4. Hi, I personally dont know any breeders , (Im sure you've already searched) but have you looked at classified ad sites on the internet Pre-loved, Gumtree, Bird trader to name but a few or just google parrots for sale or parrot breeders. Beware of scams tho - if it sounds too good to be true it will be. Good luck and hope you find you're new friend very soon.
  5. It sounds to me that you are doing a fantastic with job Percy, he sounds so much happier already and its great he's letting you touch him and takes food from you. Patience and slowly and gently are the key factors here and eventually you will be rewarded. If he's been kept in a cage all his life its going to be very strange for him when he first comes out - beware of windows, he won't understand they are solid if he tries to fly. He will need to try and fly because that's what birds do and will give him confidence - you need to allow him to blossom as a bird and his character to come out so I wouldn't recommend you clip his wings. Changing his diet might take time, seeds will be comfortingly familiar and safe to him and he'll a bit wary of anything new in his cage and pot, have you tried a good quality parrot mix with a good assortment of fruit, nuts and seed for him to taste? But persevere with fresh fruit and veg and experiment but only try 1 or 2 things at a time. Whether he ever talks or mimics only time will tell but it doesn't matter as I'm sure you will still love him. Keep up your excellent work and remember PATIENCE and you WILL be rewarded.
  6. I've been following this thread, sending healing vibes and keeping everything crossed for Jim's recovery - my heart sank at your last post and all I can say is that my thoughts are with you and hope that neither of you suffer too much
  7. have you been to Becks Barn at Ellerdine, Telford? I dont know if its still the case but you used to be able to visit and look around, they have lots of birds, a few flying free including a hyacinth macaw who came straight to me and promptly munched the button off my jacket he was stunning. They have a website and trade in babies and all parroty things - they might be worth contacting to see if you can visit http://www.becksbirdbarn.co.uk/index.php[/url]
  8. ....and here we have Kobe modelling this years new look for parrots - all our birds are going to want one now That is the cutest picture ever
  9. The solution is simple grannykins ....take early retirement and buy a bigger house or build an extension ....:D/'
  10. Calley are you 100% sure George is a he, just a thought if you are looking for a same-sex bird. Only I bought Alfie as a boy, he showed the usual male traits, good talker and preferred women and I didn't doubt it for a minute BUT a routine trip to the vets and a blood test revealed he is a she so Alfie became Alfee - I was absolutely gob-smacked - but she still says 'good boy' though
  11. Thirty odd years ago, we had 2 rescued Jays that became our pets due to their disabilities and lived free in the house, one's flight feathers wouldn't grow so he could never fly but never stopped trying, he was like a little helicopter whirring around the floor ....poor little soul. The other we had as a fledgling but oddly became completely paralysed - the vets were clueless to why but he eventually got all his movement back apart from 1 leg & foot which he never gained full use of. This jay was the most amazing and characterful bird always busy busy, pinching things and hiding them, he'd fill his crop with nuts and then go round the house hiding them. He could get in any box or packet and empty the contents looking for something interesting - his favourite being fags (in the days when it was 'ok to smoke') he used fly down grab the packet get the wrapping off open them and completely destroy the whole packet - it drove my hubby mad lol - he'd also pinch visitors packets. He'd sit on you, and visitors, and investigate the creases in the clothes for anything hidden there. He'd use one nut to try and crack another - even when it wasn't needed, I could go on, he was absolutely adorable. But now I have jays coming in to my back garden from the nearby woodland and its fantastic, I feel so honoured, I love watching all the same behaviours in the wild that amused me so much in the house. I would hate to think that anyone would buy and sell them as pets, these beautiful intelligent and entertaining birds should be left in the wild in their native country - the same goes for all the corvids, I've had young magpies, jackdaws and an injured crow and love them all .......I know a lot of people hate them and some have good reason. I hate to see what the crows and magpies do to new born lambs and how they mob the local kites but we have to accept, sadly, that its all part of nature and I'm fully aware that they worst enemy of any escaped parrot ':cry:' Please just enjoy them in the wild where they belong
  12. Lol at Calley yes hemp seeds are tiny - all my previous birds loved it so this is why I tried them as a reward treat for Alfee, she loves them too, but as I said we lost half of them lol. I'm sure George will love them and get through them, you might have to ration them though as I know they are very rich for the smaller parrots - I add them to Alfee's seed mix. If you feel you have too many I will buy some off you - I need to get some more soon.
  13. Firstly thanks for all your responses, advice and good wishes.... and thanks to weather and the mountains Ive only just managed to get online again :roll: My daughter is so upset about this, the woman said that Cookie was ill in the morning so she took him to the vet and later she found him dead. My daughter. who is very astute in reading body language, is convinced the woman is lying and is renowned for it at the school - its funny that it was the first that other members of staff knew about it too. The general consensus there is that she's probably sold him. Contact between her and my daughter was reduced to Facebook when my daughter moved to Wales - but it was still understood that Cookie would eventually be reunited with his mum. There was no paperwork drawn up - just a 'friends' agreement. I don't know, as yet, if there were any witnesses to this arrangement. Lets look at the possibilities (I sound like Poirot lol) 1. Cookie died - the woman showed no remorse or regret and was very dismissive of the events; 2. She still has Cookie - very possibly except she has been having an affair for a number of months and has been going out and away alot. Cookie is a loud and nippy bird and needs lots of time and patience before he'll come to you. 3. He could have escaped and she dare not admit it - very possible but this is where his micro-chip would come in. 4. She's sold him - ?? I've suggested that my daughter asks for the cage back - cost £300+ - to see her reaction. Cookie is chipped and rung, my daughter still has the papers, not sure if it includes CITES, will check later - I did consider that they would need to be notified. I'm also wondering if the vet could confirm if he saw a Goffin cockatoo - saying that DEFRA needed to be informed. Ive not mentioned solicitors yet to my daughter (she's had belly-full of them at the moment with the divorce) - think we need to do a little bit more digging first.....fingers crossed
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