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  1. It depends if you are going to use it for emergency use or regular incubation, there are very high spec machines such as the AB models the new Brinsea Z6 plus Grumbach, but these machines all cost about £2k, if you need something for emergency use only consider the RCOM 20 or the new Brinsea OCtagon 20 EX
  2. I have only used Kaytee and Zupreem, the Kaytee is back to its normal supply now after the summer problems.
  3. I am sure I have read about members visiting but is it worth going, looks good on there website, is it a full day ? thinking about going with the kids during half term
  4. At the end of the day I guess 8000 or so people enjoyed the day and must in general be happy with the show otherwise they would not attend year on year.
  5. I don't think it is as clear as that, some pet birds go on to be breeding birds I know people who breed there pet birds in there lounge, also some effectively wild birds get tamed down to become pets, there are no simple answers to the hand reared is it a pet or not a pet issue.
  6. To try and get this thread on to another point that is worth discussing and away from the current slippery slope of another forum bust up. Hand reared parrots as future breeding stock and not just as pets has to be considered, not all parrot breeding stock will parent rear so this will mean hand reared birds will be for sale, the only rule I understand with the PS shows is that birds are not to be pets, so just because someone is selling hand reared does not mean pets, in the future this will become more of a common situation. Thoughts ? or will everyone in future assume that all hand reared birds are to be pets ? would be a wrong assumption. There are lots of breeding parrots that are hand tame, or even pets ? its a grey area
  7. I fully agree with Gary and Stormbird, I never saw any of the problems being mentioned so can't comment, I did see people entering the building through fire escape doors and the PS quickly got that under control, they could not man every fire escape and people were going outside to smoke and then leaving the door open. I also think that it is a difficult job trying to watch every single table so they do rely on a complaints procedure, it is very busy in the halls between 7am and 9am with birds arriving etc and with 800ish tables and by the sounds of it 1 or 2 bad ones that is a small percentage, not acceptable but compared to years gone past much improved. Every show things are learnt and improved on and I am confident that if there are shortfalls in any aspect they will be addressed in future shows. I think the Parrot society have done a excellent job in organising what is now the largest UK bird show with as far as I know a group of volunteers ? they are not a event organising company as such. On a positive note I though the display aviaries were excellent.
  8. Roz That is exactly the reason, they are very strict anyone using any sort of camera is evicted from the show, certainly members are very strict in any areas where birds are but maybe in the cafe area they will be a bit more relaxed about it.
  9. Hi I have never seen 4 pot swing feeders even from the manufacturers in China, but I have some double ones if that helps so you would need to fit two ?
  10. Nearly all cages come from China, as with almost everything else in life, but the cages if of a good quality should be safe.
  11. Agreed with David, I would not brood anything I did not have 100% confidence in and that has to be a purpose made brooder. The TLC4 does tend to lead the way as it is very well designed and well priced compared to other brooders, there are not to many choices but Ecostat do make a brooder but you have to watch the parrots don't eat it as its made of Polystyrene, and models such as Rob Harveys are very expensive for what you get, so we end up back at the TLC4 - and at about £250 its not likely to cost even one parrot and should provide years of service. Good luck
  12. Get those two young men that were in the garden yesterday on to it ?
  13. Hi there are a few options Ecostat parrot brooder good value but made of polystyrene which is lined on the inside, they are ok but have a limited life dependent on how look after it, Brinsea TLC4, most people use these and are pretty much the industry standard unit, easy to use and clean, will last years Maino Alpha brooder, these are quite large and more suited to Macaws If you need any advice drop me a line, all the above are available at http://www.hatchitincubators.com
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