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  1. please if you see them get in contact with me thanks http://www.reptileforums.co.uk/other-pets-exotics/437476-stolen-chihuahuas-mildands-read-please.html
  2. thank you well i am of to the pub to celebrate! i will have one for you all ( might not make it back home!)
  3. this sounds good aswell it has bulit in wireless! http://www.comet.co.uk/cometbrowse/product.do?sku=415871&tab=specification
  4. that eseris on the tv at the min sounds a good buy for school kids good memory you can surf and only 329!
  5. i had this with my ekkie when i first got her and now sorted it by being quite strict as in i never let her on my shoulder at all she is allowed on my chest for a cuddle but that is as far as it goes!
  6. lol! you must be doing somthing right then!
  7. lol! not had it yet and she is ...... 4 or 5 now!
  8. lol! mine love pasta aslong as her beak is cleaned after! loves scrabled egg! and a sunday roast! elle are you getting an ekkie?
  9. hi my ekkie does that! she has always done it and loves doing it on the bars of the cage and on my arm!
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