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  1. Mike k trying to message you but I think your inbox is full ?
  2. can anyone point me in the direction of anywhere that sells huge macaw toys? i have looked everywhere but cant find any suitable. they must be HUGE and greenwing proof, at least for a little while anyways lol price is not an issue, i just want some big toys for my greenwing
  3. i do the same, but i wish i could just wheel doris cage out, i have to dismantle it :shock:
  4. unfortunately w dont have the room for a seperate room for her cage, allthough with the dive bombing i doubt id feel 100% safe with her on a playstand as i doubt she would stay on it. her cage has a cover that i got made around 12 months ago by the local curtain maker, it covers her and i think(havent got in with her lol) it keeps the light out as she is silent when its on.
  5. i didnt try cable ties for the simple reason that i thought she would bite through them in 2 seconds, as for her cage, it backs onto one wall and the right hand side looks out of our back window and the left side faces the area in the living room where we mainly sit. and she is covered up at between 6 and 7 pm and uncovered when we get up at 7 - 7.30, we cant cover her and have no noise as she is in the living room. toys and swing on bottom of cage again this morning
  6. well an upside :shock: of this is during a divebombing session, she went for the back of my head, i sheilded myself with my arm and i trapped one of her tail blood feathers between my head and arm and it came out, this has now been sent away for sexing, maybe "she" is a he and is punishing me for giving him a girls name lmao
  7. well she has undone all the clips that hold her toys onto the bars today, took the bolts out (again) from the top of her cage and taken the door off twice, i have been dive bombed again today and my kids were there and 1 of them got quiet a shock, she went out of the room and would come back in untill she was back in her cage. god i hope this passes quickly lol
  8. the bolt goes through 1 bar and into the one it connects to which has the threads inside the bar that it tightens onto, however she has pulled one right through the one without threads in and out the other side of the one with the threads in if you know what i mean, its a castel cage if it helps you figure out what im trying to describe, as reading that back it s not very clear, buut thats the best way i can describe it lol
  9. no good for the nest box opening as the nut is only about 2 or 3 mil in thickness, i was thinking of them for the top as she has pulled one right through so i need a washer on it now, was thinking of longer bolts and locknuts.
  10. im having a few problems with doris (greenwing macaw) lately and wondered if anyone could help, the other day she decided it was fun to take the top 2 bolts out of the top of her castel dome top cage, dont ask me how she got them loose as they were tightened with a battery drill 8O then she decided to open the door that is there for the nestbox opening and take the bolts out of that and "lose them" she does this all the time now as it only takes her no time at all to do, she will then climb out the opening and sit on the cage and laugh 8O then the other day when she was out she thought it would be fun to divebomb me 8O she doned this twice before i had to put her back in, my wife and one of my daughters were in the same room and it was only me she done it to. she is coming up for 4 years old and is also getting louder and louder and really hates being left alone, even going out for 10 mins, sometimes we can hear her screaming when we pull up i the car with car windows up and engine still runing 8O is this an age thing and will she grow out of it?or is it just the time of year lol
  11. how do you know so many people who have bought "healthy" birds off this specific person when you are so far away ?
  12. she should only need half that amount as she is halfway there allready
  13. http://www.mobiles.co.uk/virgin-sony-ericsson-j110-pay-as-you-go.html a bargain if ever i seen one
  14. i got wrigglers and after that they all started dying on me, biggest baby i got was to around an inch and a half
  15. i love em, just couldnt raise the fry last time. not even going to attempt it this time
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