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  1. Forgot to say....i've never heard of spraying them with lavender oil n water......its not something i would have done with Ruby, it quite a strong essential oil!!! I tried aloe vera juice n water but it made her pluck more, so didnt try it again
  2. Hi Dragonfly... first of all congratulations in the progress you have made so far. I too have a little Ruby...and she started plucking a couple of years back, we took her to a vet and she said it was probably hormonal, there was nothing i could think of to suggest why she had started. Heres her diary from when she started https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/topic/14121-diary-of-a-parrot-thats-started-pluckingsnipping/ She hasnt had a proper plucking episode since then, she still nibbles round her neck but she is fully feathered everywhere else. I felt so guilty when she was plucking, i was desperate to know what had started it, but i never found out, shes still a nibbler, but the main thing is not to get yourself down over it. She has come to you for a much better life, it will probably just take a while longer for her to get over the adjustment Good luck xx
  3. Ruby gets RubyDooby, Princess Parrot, Beakie or Big Grey Budgie!
  4. OMG Pippy, have no idea about sprouting them but 10 out of 10 for effort...you must have one of everything on the shelf in the pulse section! I did try sprouting once with a mix..remember that mung beans were sproutable but i think my kitchen might have been too cold...took ages to sprout and when they did they were 1mm long!! aargh..couldnt be bothered trying again esp as Ruby look at it like it was poo! Will need to try again as i know they are nutritious Good luck xx
  5. Ruby gets half a dish of seed on a morning,(from Robharvey.com - parrot premium i think the mix is) along with a dish of fruit or veggies Veggies she eats are sweetcorn, carrot, peas Fruits are cherries, pomegranates, apple, tangerine/orange She is really quite a picky eater and as you are finding prefers sunflowers etc. Ruby has her seed/veggies etc first thing and then when she comes out after brekkie, she will have some toast with me. She also loves cooked pasta. I can usually get her to eat other veggies if i make her a mash.. usually with squash, potato/sweet potato, carrot etc and then disguise it with peas and sweetcorn. I stopped giving Ruby monkey nuts after i found they can contain fungus etc..she has a little bit of cheese as a treat or a bit of plain biccie, like a digestive or something
  6. My Ruby is a little nibbler, about 8mth ago she had taken to flying up onto the wooden curtain pole and was slowly munching her way through it. :shock: No's didnt working, bringing her back down to playstand didnt work, she thought it was hilarious and would fly straight back up laughing... i tried the bitter, no-bite sprays but she wasnt bothered and carried on chomping. The only thing I found to stop her was Vaseline...I smeared it on pole and as soon as she landed she started slipping, she got a little bit on her beak and didnt like it...RESULT...she only tried going back twice and hasnt touched it since. Not sure how it would work on skirting, I'm not sure whether it was the slippyness or the taste she didnt like. Good luck xx
  7. jenny


    Awww...they looked like they were kissing in your last photo in the chube... let alone the video! PS forgot to add,... where is the Chube from, might get one for Ruby?
  8. Aww..they are cute, I like it how Henry sits quietly on his perch watching all the entertainment! You certainly have your hands full... in a nice way though, they are all lovely birds. I struggle keeping an eye on one birdy, let alone three..you must have eyes in back of yr head.
  9. Awww..love that latest vid clip, i too must admit i was abit shocked when i first saw him, but seeing him with your other one (sorry couldnt tell if it was Mojo or Shinda) he looked lovely. He looks really sweet-natured, if my Ruby had been that close to a strange bird i'm sure she would have gone for it! Hope the three of them will be very happy and keep you on your toes xxx
  10. Awww such a shame, you did everything you could for her in the short time you had her. She has gone to find her previous Daddy who recently passed away Fly free Pebbles xxxxxx
  11. She has a bath everyday, she has been plucking/snipping for a couple of years on and off ...vet said she is hormonal. Here is her story https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/topic/14121-diary-of-a-parrot-thats-started-pluckingsnipping/ She had improved a great deal and was nearly fully feathered until approx 4-5mth ago when she started pulling at her chest feathers and chewing those on the top of her wings again. Only having the one girly parrot i'm not sure how long their 'seasons' last and whether her hormones are up again.
  12. Thanks Debs, she only has decent clean seed mix from Rob Harvey, i've never had any problems with it before and it was only the one seed. I've read too many horrible stories on here about monkey nuts etc so those have been removed from her diet a long time ago. I might get her some ready shelled sunflowers , see if she'll eat them.
  13. Every evening Ruby sits on my knee and eats her tea, a dish of seed and fruit...anyway this evening, she crunched on a sunflower seed and a plume of dust shot in air startling her so she dropped it. When i checked the seed it was mouldy inside :shock: I took the dish of seed away and gave her some fresh, but now i'm panicking that the dust has got in her beak and she will end up with a fungal infection. What are the chances of her getting an infection? I keep telling myself i'm being a worry and that she has probably had a dodgy seed before now when i haven't noticed...the only thing that adds to the worry is that she is finishing a heavy moult at moment and has started pulling her feathers again. would that make her run down and likely for an infection to take hold??
  14. How can people be so cruel?? I can half understand someone targetting a valuable bird and breaking in for it, but to open nest boxes and steal seed before letting them all escape is just beyond belief. I hope the birds return, i cant begin to imagine what the poor owners must be going through, or went through when they awoke to find them gone Fingers crossed xx
  15. Awww your birds are lovely, especially loving the poodle, my parents have just lost their chocolate standard poodle at 14yrs..she was one of family, she was their replacement child when me and sister left home. Mums coming round to idea of getting another one though Once you have had one the house is empty when they are gone
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