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  1. Not sure sorry but i presume it would be a few days, best to wait for a reply from someone a bit more experienced
  2. Haha. Ill make sure mine definately doesnt learn walkies or the dog will go beserk!
  3. Sorry still getting used to using this forum, even though i have been a member a while not done many posts :?
  4. http://www.metro.co.uk/weird If you click that i noticed the article is at the top of the page
  5. Yeh i know, my cag has picked up a few over the couple of years but i didnt sit there and teach her them. Most of the time she just shouts the dog and tells her what to do but is pleasent
  6. I was on this forum every night for months reading through the posts before getting Moto my cag, found out most things off here. Is the best forum around and everyone is so friendly
  7. Im not sure either sorry, they are all really nice colours and so cute!! Wish i could get some more but i have enough pets :cry:
  8. I also read an article but still wasnt sure if they were ok. Thanks, will see if she enjoys playing with them
  9. I hope so, think im the first person hes had any interaction with. He's only a young bird, his previous owners moved and the landlord wouldnt allow him in the house so he lived in the garage during the summer :cry:
  10. Hi ive recently been given a budgie as he needed a loving home but when i speak to him next to his cage he comes closer and starts flickering his wings, hes chatty and isnt agressive. Anyone got any ideas why he does this? I am the only family member he does this to. :? Thanks
  11. Hi Was just wondering if this product is the same as palm fruit extract and if it is safe to give my CAG? read on a post earlier that someone warms this slightly in the microwave then pours over the food. Just checking, better to be safe than sorry Also how much and how often should this be given? Thanks http://www.asda.com/asda_shop/rc04_products/web_rc04_b_products_detail.jsp?BV_SessionID=@@@@1788732285.1218759113@@@@&BV_EngineID=ccdcadeeklmmhgmcfkfcfkjdgoodglo.0&product_id=2303810&from_panels=&trolley_page=/rc03_trolley/web_rc03_a_trolley_body.jsp&item_status=I&on_promo=
  12. Any news on this? Im located in the Birchwood area of Warrington so will keep an eye out.
  13. i cant believe it someone in the street noticed her whistling and we have managed to get her down from the tree, she is eating fine but will be making a trip to the vet asap. Thanks for your help im so happy she's home
  14. Lost 29/05/08 around 6pm in Birchwood her name is Moto, 3 years old and is a good talker, we have looked around the wooded area where she flew into last night until dusk, looked at dawn, put her cage in the back garden with food and left the conservatory open during the night. Posters and leaflets have been put around the local area before rush hour this morning and we have contacted the police, rspca, local vets and radio station. Any information or ideas would be a great help as she is missed. Thanks
  15. I tried the McDonald straw idea but the pieces kept blocking my hoover. Kept my CAG entertained for half an hour or so though Some great idea's that im in the process of making
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