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  1. any ideas in how to get in contact with him to obtain the information. friend is really stuck for the shining parrots, at least i found the info on the iguanas for him.
  2. bit late but have to say that this year i have parentreared every single chick and several breeders in ireland have also done the same with several no longer hand raising.
  3. A friend of mine is doing a project on the fiji islands and is currently looking for as much captive info as possible on red and masked shining parrots. Things such as diet, breeding data and stimulus,nestbox type and size,chick growths, current availability and cost in the avicultural market etc. If anyone has any captive info on fijan banded and crested iguanas by any chance it would be welcom too.
  4. It was the vet who couldnt tell if it can or wont. Ive worked out that it is either a severed nerve bundle (no hope) severed nerve (some hope) muscle atrophy from being bandaged and splint (best outcome) or a constricted tendon (not much hope in birds). I was just wondering if anyone has had this experience.This is also a warning to make sure that the righ sized rings are used on chicks
  5. My hen breeding bluecrowned conure is after suffering nerve damage to her leg after a ring that was too small was used on her. I noticed one day that she was not using her foot, caught her up and took her to the vet. she had to be anesathised and the ring was removed but her foot was also broken.A splint was added and she was bandaged. This was 3 weeks ago and everything was removed yesterday. Her foot was still curled up like a claw and there is callous formation where it was removed. There is a healthy blood supply reaching the foot but she has no use of it at the moment. Anyone know the chance of a recovery being made on the use of her foot again
  6. I dont know, I was thinking that and hoping to see if she would dig them back up when she has stopped laying. She has not damaged them in any way just buried them
  7. I know there has been some controversy over the use of soya in feeding animals but this is what I got from my former biochemistry,pharmaceutics lecturer. The main potential source of increased horomone production caused by soya is isoflavens. This is also an active ingredient that is heat sensitive.(ill come back to this) The isoflavens can sometimes increase the production of estrogen.This is however in humans so far variable and is currently being examined (by a friend of mine so ill get all his data when his project is finished,Cant release any other data yet). There is a noticeable effect on some people but from studies a tiny amount so far. If there is an effect on the increase of estrogen one of the biggest signs is (and ladys please dont hurt me) is an increase in body fat in females. However as there are other potential piosonous enzymes in soya it is routinely boiled befor consumption inactivating the active ingredients and denaturing the enzymes. This means that you are left with a product with a high protein content ,moisture content and the rest is mostly carbohydrates and fibre. I routinely feed soya in my pulses and soya mince is added to eggfood for my softfood with spirulina. My breeding results have significantly improved. I spent a couple of hours with the lecturer and friend going over the diet fed and amount of soya and that was our conclusion. As long as it is boiled it is an excellent source of protein
  8. Its been a while since ive last been here,Work and college have kept me away. I recently got a pair of green cheeks (hen pineapple cock meant to be a split pineapple) from stafford as a swop for a pair of blue crowned conures. Pigked them up from my friend tuesday after stafford and 5 mins from home she layed an egg. They have now have 4 eggs but the problem is she keeps burying them. Anyone got any ideas or experience of this and how to stop it
  9. Thanks. Just trying to work it out the best way for getting them paired up.Id hate to pair them up and wait a couple of years only to find out something is wrong
  10. I was wondering if anyone has any info on this topic. I have in the past few months bought 2 related pairs of amazons ow and blue fronted and have some dbl yellowheads on the way soon and will be getting more to make them into unrelated pairs. The ow and dbl yellowheads are 07 and the bluefronts are 08. Should I get mates for them that are the same year,older or younger. Also the ows have seen their parents breed as when I got them the parents had a new 08 clutch and the chicks were weaned by the parents (the 08clutch) before I got them but I want to know if that will make a difference or would taking them before the parents started to breed again before they see the displays,mating etc be nearly the same as using handreared birds for breeding. Its just a thought that has been niggling at the back of my head.
  11. Its possible that they might be able to distinguish different genders in people based on the obvious differences such as hair length etc. I know of a female blue and gold that loves men except for men with long hair and women.
  12. Birds can see into the uv spectrum of light which is something we cant. This would mean that they see different shades of colors on each other then we do. They could then see sexually dimorphic differences to each other then we can and if memory serves me correctly Frankfurt zoo or Alwabra is trying to come up with a new method of sexing bird species based on this. I think that they could only tell the differences between related species and not other non similar looking species eg amazon to amazon but not amazon to grey.
  13. We had some repellers in the house and they didnt work. They are meant to send a sonic vibration through the electrical wires creating a noise throughout the entire house that is meant to upset them enough to discourage them from breeding. If mice and rats can live in factories with continuous noise they can also get used to the repellers and do. I found that for break back traps peanut butter is the best bait. I get a poison from a professional pest controller after a heavy infestation of mice happened in my bird room. They were living in the felt of the roof and I could not get rid of them. It uses 2 types of poison in a bait box. The first is a sickly(to me) sweet smelling pink paper sack that is a poison. A Wax poison block is then placed on top of this. They are attracted by the smell of the pink block but have to eat the wax block to get to it. The wax block is a 1 eat killer and after 2 days I never found or heard a mouse. This was a couple of months ago and its now a record for amount of time gone without seeing a mouse.
  14. Parents shot down the dog idea. Got my ather to consider it though. Might get an emu or a flock of egyptian geese. See someone try to get to the door then. Ill make a little plywood box that I can use as a shield so I can get in. Last time I came across those geese I nearly didnt make it out again. Brother nearly wet himself laughing
  15. I was trying to stop them from breaking through the thicket to get through to the road. My brother didnt know what to do so he just copied me and began throwing. I am going to reinforce the door now since they were ale to break through that. Maybe after this my parents will now let me get a dog. Rottweiler called fluffy might be a great new alarm system
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