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  1. oggie1

    For Oggie1

    Couldn't not log in here every night no matter where in the world I am Sue. Chris :wink:
  2. oggie1

    For Oggie1

    Right my first bit's of good news to share As most of you know we adopted Alisha last year,well yesterday Monday 11th we finally adopted Alishas sister Ella.Ella is 2 and has lived here since she was 9 months old and like Alisha she is a proper little character. We applied for a visa for Alisha a few months ago so we could return to Australia and she was refused on medical grounds due to her being diagnosed as Autistic. We then appointed a migration consultant to look at our case and all Alishas medical records were sent to Aus,experts over there said she was not Autistic,so we had to have her reassessed by her peadiatrition and Pyschologist,which was carried out a month ago,we have now had confirmation ,they are now agree-ing that Alisha is NOT autistic. She does have some special needs though which were brought on by neglect in her first 5 months,also whatever she ingested/absorbed whilst still within the womb I don't think it can get much better than that but keep looking in for more good news,as I'm certain there will be some very soon. Oh my son flies out to Australia and the 30th with his girlfriend,to start new lives :roll: Chris :wink:
  3. oggie1

    For Oggie1

    Thank you all very very much for your kind words,it's a great comfort to know the friends we have here.Even my car took the knock last week and I've ended up with a right shed to replace it :cry: I'm hoping to have some really good news though in the next 2 or 3 weeks,so watch this space,bring it on 2010 I'm ready for you. Chris :wink:
  4. oggie1


    My old mate Fred the Boxer has passed over,I knew last night he wasn't himself.This morning Rowena found him on his bed,we are all devastated. I also lost my Mum a little over 6 weeks ago.First half of this year was good the second half has been disasterous. Chris.
  5. oggie1

    Black cockies in our gum tree

    I lived in Joondalup for a while and a pair flew over our house every day at about 2.30pm I always watched them in awe. Chris.
  6. oggie1

    Is this true ?

    Have you ever seen a spider collecting conkers :?: :?: Now in these days of councils doing fortnightly collections of household waste surely we need to encourage the rise of the house spider,it will halt the increase of house flies. Chris(I hate spiders too BTW) :wink:
  7. oggie1

    Tawny owls :)

    Listen to the recording,one(the male I think)calls teewit and the Female calls teewoo.People believe the Tawny owl calls teewit teewoo. Chris :wink:
  8. Beat me to it Sue Well done :wink: Signed. Chris :wink:
  9. No water although the rain does get in and drown the little shi-tes Mine is like a Minnow trap they are funnelled in but can't fly out again :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: Ta Sue I look in everynight to keep up with things,I really must pay my subs Chris :wink:
  10. I use a coke bottle as a fly trap near to my hawk Mews. Take one bottle, just below where the neck becomes the bottle cut it off.Then turn the neck piece upside down place it inside the bottle with the lid removed.Pierce two hole's either side and place string through them to hang your fly trap up.I put pieces of meat inside but I would think your ingredients would work better I'll try them from now on.I discard hundreds of flies this way every week. Chris :wink:
  11. oggie1

    Wild birds

    Hi Sue :wink: Still here and sending them there vibes out :wink: Chris :wink:
  12. oggie1

    Wild birds

    We've got one who visits us in work all the time,what a singing voice he has Chris :wink: Hotfoot jackson,I lived in Joondalup for a little while and my favourite sound whilst there was the Magpie,lovely sound from a crazy bird
  13. I love our Starlings,we've had a nest for the last 2 years in the same place,this year though we've got a definite 3 nest's with a possible fourth.Pity the car gets covered in poop but I can live with that for a few weeks Chris :wink:
  14. oggie1

    Our Fred

    Update.Fred is home and fine and sleeping it off lucky booooger. Seems like the collective vibes of this here place have done the biz again =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> Thank you all very very much. Chris :wink: OH BTW Sue I am sending you loads of the vibey things,and hopefully you will get an improvement soon [-o< [-o<
  15. oggie1

    Our Fred

    Aye he is my dog Kerry,but me bezzy mate as well. He's a 10 year old(about)Boxer that we rescued from the RSPCA 6 years ago. Thanks all Chris :wink: