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  1. ive put some on my photobucket there so cute.
  2. after weeks of watching them i put the cages together and in went the budgie the canary is a bit of a bully but the budgie loves playing about with him. the budgie doesnt want to go back into his cage he is happy been in with the canary they even bathe in the water dish together its lovely to watch them, ive sat hours watching them it makes me smile, thanks again for all your advise.
  3. i think ive posted on wrong bit hopefully somone will know thank you.
  4. ive just resued a canarie i dont know anything about them, ive got charlie my african grey, and billy the budgie, ive put the canarie in a cage next to the budgie, the budgie and the canarie are getting as close as they can the budgie is loving the canarie, the canarie is laying in its food dish so it can get closer to the budgie can budgies and canaries live in same cage? its amazing watching them and i feel awful not letting them get together. but could do with some advice.
  5. vet called me back ive to go in 2 week for more tests and to check out any further feather loss x
  6. im over the moon i feel better than i did on my wedding day x
  7. ITS NEGATIVE im so happy and relieved and emotional cos im tired, ive just found out 5 mins ago,i rang my mum crying then my hubby then all you, ill sleep better today, ive to ring tommorrow to see if he needs any treatment, he might need a friend, he might just not like his red feathers what ever it is, at least its not pbfd, i think hes just freeky and special. thank you all for your support and concern have a look at my photos ive tried to get his red feather issue in photos THANK YOU ALL AGAIN and debs thanks for offer of photos, i dont remember how i did it [the photos] i probably wont be able to do it again but hope you all enjoy the pics of my babys charlie the light one lucky the underweight 11 stone old girl x
  8. I find out today but they have been saying that since monday its been a awful week and its only wed soon as i get results ill let you all know x
  9. pottys mum email your email thats only way ill know how to send them x
  10. he seems to have lost more this week unless its me searching more, ive put some photos on photobucket but cant move to here for you all to see some are pics off my mobile, and ive started using camera on a daily basis so i can check for further feather loss but just cant transfer them ive sent photos to other people and my facebook site, ill try again tonight, ill never get to sleep today i was having nightmares yesterday whilst trying to sleep ill set my alarm for 3.45 ill keep you informed x
  11. tests not back yet ive to ring at 4pm god this week has been a long one i rang yesterday they said results not back so to ring today i said id ring at 4 cos im on nights at work but know i wouldt sleep so just rang nothing yet, ill ring soon as i wake up fingers crossed x
  12. well that was awful she put him under to check his skin and take blood 1 to 2 weeks for pbfd results but she said he is in such good condition it is highly unlikly she was amazed how symetrical the red feathers are even under his wings, she said maybe he doesnt like the colour on his chest and thats hes pulling them out, his feathers coming through are all healthy ones, but she kept telling me how healthy he is and that she could tell he had a good diet, when he come round he was sick and staggering around hes in his cage now having his lunch. fingers crossed hes just a special grey and its not the other thank you all for your advice ill let you know the results.
  13. got him in for for full check up on mon at 130 she only had two slots left for next week she is a avian vet who comes to a local vets only to see parrots and reptiles so fingers crossed they said not to feed him for 3 hrs before just incase he needs to go under god this weekend will be a long one i feel sick already.
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