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  1. Little Als Mum


  2. The greys get Bucktons Elite Parrot mix with the usual sides of soaked pulses, fruit n veg, cheese, Cooked chicken etc. I can get the bucktons from the local farm stores. Ideal. If they're out I order Johnston and Jeff fruity parrot mix from good old Northern Parrots.
  3. Hi Neil. Hi Sue. what's new with me over the last couple of years. ........ I've gone self employed doing gardening, farm hand, diy, cleaning, handy woman type jobs locally but mostly on a local vineyard and winery which I find fascinating. It also has its perks hic daughter has graduated uni and is now a primary teacher still have the three greys out in their aviary Sindy Robbie Spike no recent flare ups of my alveolitis -bird fanciers lung enjoy walking the dog Poppy with hubby ..... Yes he is still putting up with me more involved on uncles family farm ..... Sheep are so stupid!!! I love lambing time and get right in the nitty gritty stuff and of course still messing around with my beloved horses so missed this place thanks to Neil for resurrecting the old bird X
  4. Little Als Mum

    Allergic Alveolitis - Support Thread

    Just a quick note in case anyone is still reading here. Well, several years on and I've still got the parrots outside. Yes, I'm a bit wheezy on the days after I clean them out. They usually get cleaned once a week, floor washed down and poop etc scraped up whilst wetted down, no problem in all of the rain! Love and hugs to all my friends who also live with alveolitis. And ......... Despite my reservations the parrots have not yet eaten their way out of the wooden framed aviary. YET!
  5. Just played for posterity! Can hardly believe the quiz was still there waiting for us.
  6. Little Als Mum

    What am I supposed to do?

    Hugs xxxxxxxxx
  7. Little Als Mum

    Olly Coptor, RIP

    So sorry. What a fab few years he had with you and your gang. Xx
  8. Little Als Mum

    Humans becoming allergic to parrots,

    I will choose to trust the medical profession and my consultant and respectfully disagree.
  9. Little Als Mum

    r.i.p. merlin

    So sorry
  10. Little Als Mum


    Bless little Phoebe. Sorry to hear this Debs. X
  11. Little Als Mum

    Advice for Monty please

    Great advice above. Sounds like you're pretty much there. One thing is your aviary wood or metal? If wood be prepared for never ending repairs. Due to my at the time ill health I had to house my previously indoor greys outside. We rejigged existing wooden aviaries and all was successful, if you're happy with continuous repairs. Lol Our pair went out together in the spring and stayed out. Cold turkey, lol not cold parrots! Never looked back. Added a third grey after and that was successful too. I do think I've been very lucky with how smoothly it went. Best of luck to you too
  12. Little Als Mum


    Well our swallows have now disappeared again! Usually by now they are flitting in and out of the stables and barns looking to nest.
  13. Little Als Mum

    RIP Wee Jock

    So sorry. RIPJock x
  14. I do hope all has gone well today.
  15. Little Als Mum


    Yeah April lol xxx