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  1. Thank you so much for your well wishes we really appreciate it and thank you from our hearts here are a few piccies of the day Hope you enjoy them http://www.photoshow.com/watch/Uv7rA5mE
  2. Hi folks And Twoyd Hey Nice of you to give an update of our *cough* situation Well Basil And Manny Are Out of Quarantine And installed in their new house which they have taken to like a charm lots of toys for them to destroy made it an easy transition And they were as happy to see Daddy as Daddy was to see them thought id give you a few links to see the piccies of them installed in their new home.. http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e175/bfek/040.jpg http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e175/bfek/042.jpg new brother and sister http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e175/bfek/026.jpg http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e175/bfek/032.jpg http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e175/bfek/031.jpg http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e175/bfek/034.jpg as you see they're really happy and theres no trouble from the house existing birds they get along very well together. Im back in Blighty shortly to sort a few odds and sods so for the time being itsd Bfek Over and out Have a great Christmas all and a wonderfull new year TTFN Bela
  3. Well I figured come back and give an Update I kind of decided to skip right past the Drama I read the first post And decided it was the same old crap that kept me away from the boards for so long So With said and the rubbish totally ignored I Would like to Let You All Know I'm In the USA at the moment And that Basil And Manny Are currently In American Quarantine and will be released to me On Dec 12th this move has not been an easy one to make And I have to report that out of the 3 Organisations I had to deal with DEFRA was by far the best and most efficient the other two were the US Quarantine service whowere professional and courteous and then theres the american equivalent of our DEFRA the Fish And Wildlife Administration Who are incompetent buffoons and putting it mildly they Lied to cover up their total stupidity and incompetence when they lost paperwork they told me I had to download a new form as the "cough" Old One was now of date !!! so i faxed them a copy of the original I sent them and guess what it was ok and INDATE !! and now the guy from fish and wildlife seems to have lost the CITES papers from defra and the original copy of the import cites permit from central Fish And woldlife admin and has (get this) No Recollection of ever seeing the paperwork a shame then that the quarantine service made this cretin sign for the paperwork and place his official stamp on the release form. I received a NASTY call from An Agent of the Fish And wildlife Service 2 days ago a woman so pompous and up her own behind Its unreal!! And after she was extremely insulting and derogatory in a feeble attempt to cover their B*lls Up I decided to open up with a Tirade Of my Own Towards her And her extremely rude manner which made her reassess how she spoke to me... the upshot of this was that she reluctantly agreed to sign the release for my birds And told me she'd be taking a hit from her bosses for accepting the Copies of the forms only (even though the B*tt wipes have the originals there somewhere they just misplaced them and are too ashamed to admit their total and complete incompetence) So alls well that ends well And I'm looking forward to Getting Basil And Manny On the 12th. They'll Have a new sisters to play with here as we have a delightful little Rotweiller Of a guard parrot here called Kiwi Who They Assumed was a boy untill very recent DNA sexing told us otherwise Kiwi Is A girl (LMAO) at this as they had completely taken her for a boy up till now:twisted: The other sister for them is a little Green Cheeked Conure Called Charlene whos as sweet as pie. So were going to have quite a menagerie here not counting the bunny and the guinea pig as well!! New York or Noo Yawk as they say it here Kinda really Sucks And I cant wait to eventually move out of here to another state where it's not as manic.. Ok that's about it for now Bfek Over and out for a while Have fun all Forgive me if I ignore the ongoing BS arguments and attacks on other members they kinda bore me to death and Kill the forum Nothing new then huh Be well friends speak to you soon
  4. WOW DAVID AT STAFFORD lol how times have changed !!!
  5. Hmm It's been a while Since i graced these boards Hope its safe now to rear my head without having it sliced off I met Ken today while at the vets With Basil And Manny And he had a beautiful Skunk with him (it didn't spray) Phew!! Manny didn't recognise Ken doh!!! well i guess its been over two years now... Anyhow just thought Id pop in and say HI folks I have my import permit paid for my flight and quarantine and am waiting on DEFRA here now to issue the export CITES cert which I expect to get in the next week or so and then come the 12th of next month Bas and Manny will be taking up up residence In the US pf A where I have to teach them the star spangled flaming Spanner or is it banner ?? nvm I'm sure they'll tell me when I get there. So another few months and Ill get my greencard I'm On a mission atm to get the Yanks to learn how to speak "Engrish" with the letter U as in Colour not just color I Have my work cut out I think So whats the goss I really haven't been around or kept up fill me in why don't you
  6. I'd have like d to have been able to post on the the thread you started But sadly I don't have access to post there. So I'll put it here and maybe One of the mods can attach it to there. I'd just like to say in all the time I have (parrot - link ) known you You have been a solid rock behind this place And never ceased to either help or amuse the people on the boards. Working here alongside you was both a pleasure and a true privilege And We will never forget your contribution your wonderfull wit and your ability to help and make people smile. I'll be thinking of you matey now Like David said Go out there and have as much fun as you can. It's been An true honor and privilege having known you. All the best matey, Béla (Done that for you Béla - LAM)
  7. so happy your back to normal there its always warming to hear a reunited success story. :D
  8. If you get an error about this PICSDK.dll missing install this as well. epson11602.exe ill pm you the link to the site.
  9. Aww thayts fantastic news I'm so happy for you I'l bet your all spo very relieved at being re-united. :D:D:D:D
  10. here it is found it the diredct link to the download yay this is what your after http://support.epson.ru/upload/drivertypes/000781/PrintCD_15aE.zip
  11. hmmm http://support.epson.ru/upload/drivertypes//printcd_14ae.zip from here i took out the link to the forum site as i looked furthur down the page and it contained pictures unsuitable for a family forum grr pm me and ill send you the link if you need it
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