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  1. Hi I'm not saying it would be there permanent home just taken inside every 4-5 months to breed fooling them in to breeding I here people taking them out of there aviarys then placed in to breeding cubes to breed that may be fine for greys and medium size birds but for not for macaws I understand 6x4 aviary not perfect size but again I have a 16 ft x 10ft they live all year with loads of natural light just breeding quarters I get these ideas then I need convincing that it won't work and why your thoughts greatly appreciated
  2. just a thought lots of people are saying poor breeding results are weather related ?? if i build a shed big enough to hold say 4-5 6 ft x 4 ft aviarys all inside and have the shed air and temperature controled along with correct lighting hrs why couldnt i move birds into this building just as breeding quarters wouldnt this confuse the birds into optimal breeding conditions ie heat, humidity and day light hrs my father breeds canarys his breeding season starts by use of extended light hrs to bring them in to condition earlyer so if this works just by lighting why couldnt i also use heat and humidity thoughts please
  3. so would i be correct in saying if i keep my breeding quarters temperature and humidity controled along with correct lighting times ie lighting and internal aviarys it should produce good breeding results whats your thoughts ???
  4. early jan 7 eggs from 2 pairs greys all clear 4 eggs greenwings all clear 3 eggs from b/g macaws all clear !!!! middle march 2 pairs greys lay 7 eggs all clear again b/g macaws on 3 eggs all clear again feeding all the best foods fresh veg and fruit every other day soaked pulses palm nut extract daily essentials 3 calcium supplement every day and tried pet chef and bird care what can be wrong i live in south wales is it just the area as i have heared lots not getting many fertile eggs ??
  5. holland and barrett does something called (osteocare) liquid thats calcium,magnesium,zinc, vit d its £4.95 per bottle 200ml was told by a avian vet this is so so much better that calcivit !! about a tea spoon full over there fruit then mix it in also u can mix it in with there water goes like milk
  6. hi i just candled my 2 African grey eggs both was infertile but on egg was a lot larger than the other the smallest being normal when i candled the large egg i noticed it was a double yolker is this common or is this sometimes normal
  7. macaws have breeded b4 about 3 yrs ago no nest box provided after
  8. hi fannyann i have sorted vermin prob now yes hens are sitting well
  9. hello all im at wits end ere advice needed please well this year i have had my eclectus lay 6-8 eggs all infertile ,blue/gold macaws layed 9 eggs again infertile ,african grey 4 eggs just layed 3 now but to soon to candle all fed on fresh fruit a small selection of fruty parrot mix fresh veg and pulses every day they also get calcivit 3 times a week and vitamins 2-3 times a week i also give them some smashed up egg shells 2 times a week and fertivit 2 trimes a week the macaws live in a 4mtr x 2mtr aviery outside and the eclectus and greys in a 6 foot x 4 foot indoor avierys they cant see each other !! what am i doing wrong?????????
  10. may well be another stupid idea of mine but ginseng and vitimin e they say incresses sex drive and fertility in humans could i feed genseng to parrots may it have the same affect ???? THOUGHTS PLEASE !!!!!!!!
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