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  1. The low sunflower mix. I been looking but theres a few. Is it the one with the grey on the front macaw or 4 different parrots?
  2. Hi he's 8 months old. The owner gave me so mix. But there seems to be a lot of sunflower seeds in there. I remember years ago on this site there was a online store which quite a lot of you used. I used to get big sacks of food from too. It may of closed down now.
  3. Hi all I was wondering which is the best seed mix for my caique. And is there somewhere online I can order it. And also other treats
  4. Thanks all i'll try and talk her into getting a friend. Has for Ollie where do i start he's decided to be a bully to Freddie the Derbyan. All the things he knows he's not aloud to do he craftly as done. The latest is chewing through my lamp wire lucky for him it was unplugged. Taking the keys of the keyboard thats his favourite game. I been lucky so far with him he has not hated me yet. He does try it with the hubby which is funny when he stands up all proud to him looking like he's saying you want a peice of me. I got another 6 months til hes 2 then i guess the terrible 2s will kick in. He gets on well with out TAG its cute how they chase each other around. He still enjoys his hair dressing. The only downside his he as learned the ringneck screams he's so loud. No attempted talking yet. I could go on so many things has all you caique owner's know. I will let you know if i manage to find a mate for Jake. Thanks you all for your help and advice.
  5. He don't play with toys. All i seen him do is use them to tickle his head. I'll grab her some stuff for him tomorrow. I hope that will work he dont seem a destructive bird like my lot. He does come out the cage but mostly sits on top. There is one thing i know my mum will ask why. What will taking the mirrors out do/help. Thanks showgirl for your help. How is Ozzy doing? Our Ollie as turned into a little bugger. Long gone are the innocent days. I wouldn't change him for the world though.
  6. I'll do my best to answers these questions. He gets sprayed 2 a week. He's a lone in his cage. But my mum is home all day. Now cage size im no good at. But its a african grey size cage. He's has loads of toys different size perches and loads of mirrors he's a poser. He dont seem down in himself. He still chats barks and howls. Hes on teil mix but not a fan of fruit or veg. Hope thats enough it's hard when its not your bird.
  7. Sorry i'm having a blonde moment. I meant to say he's 2-3yrs of age. not 23
  8. Hi All Can i get a bit of advice please my mum as a tiel. He's about 2 3 yrs old. Iv'e noticed he's started plucking his chest. Everytime i go over it seems worse. Any ideas how to stop him? Theres been no change in his routine. The only thing she is doing different is cutting down his millet spray. He can eat one in 10mins. Could that cause boredom now he does not get as many? Any tips advice would be great
  9. Fingers crossed it wont be then. Has i've managed to talk hubby into taking me.
  10. Do you need to be a member to go to the stafford show? Or do you just tuen up?
  11. I'm in Bristol happy to help in anyway way
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