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  1. It is Rosey. I have lost details of the lady who sold her to me, but it seems that she did not have appropriate papers as Rosey is not registered with Defra. Thank you for your ongoing help.
  2. It is a moluccan cockatoo. I obtained it in South Wales where I understand it originated from a pet shop. I have applied to Defra for a certificate but her chip number is not registered and so they have asked me to locate the breeder. Thank you for all your help.
  3. I have a microchipped bird. I have recently applied for a CITES exemption certificate to be able to sell it, but the DoE have advised me that they have no trace of the microchip number. The DoE have asked me to investigate further in order to find the name of the breeder. Please could anyone advise me how I could locate a breeder from the microchip number. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.
  4. thank you very much. The microchip has been successfully read.
  5. I live in Surrey and would like to get the microchip number on a particular bird. Does anyone know where I can take the bird in order to a reading on the microchip. my email address is peterjr27@yahoo.com Thank you very much Peter
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