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  1. Slightly better pic. http://s4.photobucket.com/albums/y127/LPALEY/?action=view&current=DSC00247.jpg
  2. Thanks So I reckon we've established it's a King Parrot...the thing that baffles me is how can someone own a pet bird and not even bother to find out what it is? I think the owners are looking to re-home so would you advise they look for a sutable aviary home or would that be too traumatic if it's been used to life in a cage?
  3. or not.. On looking at pics of King parrots son says it's not very similar apart for the red green colouring. There is a couple more pics on his phone, i'll upload later but he does appear to have a white ring around the eyes unlike the KP?
  4. Thanks, just found a pic of a female King parrot and I'm pretty sure that's him...or should I say her
  5. Hmmm, I'll have to get a better pic. My son says he's slightly bigger and stockier than our blue crowned and white eyed conures if it's any help?
  6. My son's friends parrot...sorry the picture is terrible, but I have to concede I have no idea what he is!! http://s4.photobucket.com/albums/y127/LPALEY/?action=view&current=DSC00232.jpg&newest=1
  7. Lyla my cag isn't much better, she's wrecked the door, the mantelpiece and the windowsill....I'm surprised we got anyone to buy our house at all.
  8. Really? I've never really seen one in action. I am looking for outgoing as a trait though, I love greys to bits but it would be lovely to have a slightly less neurotic bird :wink:
  9. Quite true but an Amazon was a very close second and in all honesty would probably suit us better. Although I know that they can be pretty noisy and destructive too!
  10. The smaller birds never come out with the greys anyway so that wouldn't be a problem. However, we've decided we'd be biting off more that we can chew so it looks like plan b an Amazon. Now I need to decide which one? Any advice? I'm leaning towards a blue fronted or yellow naped. Mealys are adorable too but I've heard they don't always make the greatest pets?
  11. Thanks for all your input Adele, I'm off to watch your videos now. I always said the next bird we got would be a re-home but with a macaw I'm not sure I would be confident with anything less than a baby. I think I'll have to give this a huge amount of thought before I go ahead.
  12. Well, we're hopefully moving house soon and will hav much more space...in fact the thing that swung us round to buying this house is that there is a room directly off the lounge 8ft x 10ft which is perfect for turning into a bird room. We have the three cockatiels, two conures and two greys and we are seriously considering a B&G once we're all settled. So my question is, what shall we expect? How different is owning a macaw compared to say the greys? I can imagine they're somewhat noisier but are there many other things we should be considering? Can you give me a few pointers? Thanks!
  13. I am chuffed...maybe there's hope that he'll eventually decide humans aren't that bad either.
  14. I have a White Eyed Conure and a Blue Crowned Conure who have shared a cage for over a year...they've never fought but they really just tolerate each other...I'd recently started to consider re-homing the White Eyed Conure as he is really timid, hates people and spends most of the day clinging to the side of his cage. (these birds do get offered out time but rarely take up the offer) I'd started to think he might be happier in an aviary. I walked passed the cage earlier and was shocked to see them huddled together (both boys we think) looking closer I was amazed to see they were grooming each other!! Who'd have thought after a whole year they'd suddenly decide to make friends? Wonders never cease. Needless to say I wonlt be re-homing him now.
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