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  1. kerenza


    I'm so glad he's settled Lorna, he's a wonderful little guy who used to spend hours cuddling into my neck :-)
  2. kerenza


    Hi Jenny, got it and just replied
  3. kerenza


    I 100% agree with stormbird, please use your purifier. It won't cure your wife's allergy but it can only help with removing some of the dander. I went through the same stages, trying different birds that weren't "dusty" I managed ok with my eclectus for a time but after a while I was reacting just as badly. Has your wife had tests for her allergy? I don't know if she has alveolitis but there's a thread on here with some of our stories. I truly don't want to be a prophet of doom but my lungs are pretty damaged and there's no hope of them recovering, I only lived with parrots on and off for 2 years but it was enough to cause a fair bit of scarring. I really hope you manage to keep your new guy but you need to do anything you can to keep the dust down, also their poo if allowed to dry gives off spores. It's really unfair that allergies seem to affect those of us who genuinely love birds :-(
  4. kerenza

    Allergic Alveolitis - Support Thread

    I still come back to this topic now and again. It's really good when I see no new people coming down with this horrible disease. How are you coping in this heat? I've been really struggling the last few days, I still yearn for a parrot but my lungs soon tell me not to be stupid!! Oh and the fact Rubes threatened to kill me if I did <g>
  5. kerenza

    Missing babies

    I think anyone with an ounce of decency would be out looking all the hours they could if they'd lost someones beloved pets! Yes accidents happen but you do everything in your power to try and make it right
  6. kerenza

    Missing babies

    What a disgusting thing to say!! Net has been backwards and forwards to the point of exhaustion. You say about people sitting on the internet running their mouth off about others, what have you just done??
  7. kerenza

    Missing babies

    Twice? Bloody hell I've been twice and wish it could have been more but I can only get transport at the weekend. I really hope with extra tourists in the area that there's good news very soon*hugs*
  8. kerenza

    Missing babies

    We had a couple of hours in Belper today, but nothing I know you've probably already done it but have you phoned rspca branches a few miles from where they escaped as well as the closest? Also ring every day to keep it fresh in their minds. Wish I had something else to say
  9. God I am so sorry Net. I don't have words other than I pray they are both home very soon!
  10. Sorry to hear about your eye hun *hugs* congrats on the first grandchild news though!
  11. I rehomed a male eclectus a few years ago. He was 4 when he came to us and like your boy he really disliked hands. I tried to get him to step onto a stick but he attacked that so I started using a wooden ladder that was in his cage. He was more than happy to stand on that and be transported back to his cage when I wanted him to go in. I definitely wouldn't force handle him, those huge beaks hurt and it would be so easy to lose your confidence and they do pick up on that. Sage never did take to me, he would sit with me and sing but he wasn't happy to have my hands on him so I just had to accept that. He did however after a few weeks fall madly in love with my other half who could do absolutely anything with him!! We were lucky that he already had a good diet, I would definitely check out www.landofvos.com (I think Net mentioned that on your other thread) and they will steer you in the right direction re food and behaviour. Good luck with him, ekkies are one of the most stunning looking parrots :-)
  12. kerenza

    Deb Bell Sonny & Cher update

    It's so lovely to see them happy, it must have been such a comfort for Debs knowing they had a lifetime home. It's worth every penny if you know your pets are going to be safe, it's all any of us can hope for.
  13. kerenza

    So who's got snow?

    It makes my garden look tidy! Well that's until Gunner goes through like a hairy snow plough
  14. kerenza

    So who's got snow?

    We had a fair bit but I'm still hoping for more! The dogs go absolutely nuts, great fun to watch them
  15. She is going to kill me for this but... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOOOOUUU! xxxx