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  1. I tryed to put her in the sink, which she just kept jumping back out of, but i also dont want to force anything on her as i dont want her hating me for doing it, they dont forget do they
  2. LOL, thats one thing i try not to swear in front of her!!
  3. Is it something that should be done, because i hear of a lot of peeps give their birds a bird bath or spray them with warm water to keep the feather dust down, but is it a must for any health reasons because my scooby hates it as soon as i go near her cage with the spray bottle she screams so much, i have even tryed a bowl of water on the floor when she's out but she just drinks it and not interested in getting in
  4. would that be ok to do as her other wing has been clipped for so long now?
  5. scooby says 'HELLO DARLING NICE ARSE'... Im abit worried she will start copying me telling my dogs off too.. 'Get on your bed now' That would need some explaining if guests come round
  6. Just wondered what the best phase/whistle tune you all got your parrots saying!!??
  7. when i first got scooby at 12 weeks, she was not afraid of anything but now when i put new toys she is so unnervy and stays well away, her new toy was in her cage for 3 weeks before she even had a chew at it, she still wont actually hang on it like she does with her other toys, she is now 9 months
  8. my scooby loves cooked spirral pasta, just wanted to know if its ok to give raw uncooked (hard) ??
  9. Thats better madmudmob, i was beginning to think you where just a machine to post threads, it is much better to give your opinion and also the threads too... The reason for the wing being clipped is so i was told ' was that it dosent stop them flying' but to avoid a long flight ie: flying out the door and up up and away.. Nicki you say 'if you dont want your pet to fly then don't get a bird' But surely if your bird was to escape and a cat was to catch and kill it, that is more cruel... Only trying to protect them by limiting their flight distance??
  10. madmudmob... boy you like your threads,, you never give your own reply LOL..
  11. How will i know when the feathers have grown back, and roughly how long, she has not had a moult yet and she is 9 months
  12. Thanks but they dont sell on-line at mo, and ther is'nt one near me, only 'pets at home'
  13. I too would like to know if they are safe as my scooby really loves these and am only buying the human roasted ones from tescos at the moment
  14. This is what i am saying, scooby will not eat the sunflower seeds and was worried incase it is needed as a saily diet, the only reason i changed the food was because i ran out and needed some urgently.... I will be ordering some more but it just takes so long to be delivered, ARE there any GOOD food i can buy from a shop?? I see L to the Z you buy yours for £12.99 but where from?
  15. yes i was thinking that, i noticed that the sunflower seeds arent as fresh, they dont make that crack sound that the 'double dutch' did, can seeds go off?
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