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  1. i got a load of food from Rob harvey at Stafford show last year, Quality was excellent, and the birds all loved it, i tried DD for the second time as it was a Fraction cheaper on the items i wanted
  2. i placed an order a couple of days ago, got an email from DD today telling me there is no stock and they need to catch up . advised to try agian in a week or 2 !!!! placed an order with Rob Harvey and its gonna be with me in the morning !! Yay happy birdies again !!
  3. Hey HUGGY !! Good luck with your search for a U2, Excellent Choice !!!!!
  4. Quite possible as i Use My Housemates Wireless Connection ( Who i may Add Introduced me to this Site !! )
  5. Which is why David's asking a small fee if you want to talk about non-parrot related stuff!!!!! Doh!! (so the rest if it's free!) Hence my Original Question, Why cant i post on a Parrot related Thread ??
  6. I agree there is a lot of Usefull Older Parrot/ bird posts, But there is also a lot of Useless unrelated to parrot posts, which were the ones i suggested deleting to free up space
  7. And My Opinion is as stated Above !! im not here to Cause an Arguement, im just not willing to pay for the unrealated parrot trash Which the £5 option covers ! a Suggestion .... if the forum uses too much bandwidth, Why not delete some of the old unrelated posts/ ads there are hundreds just taking up Server Space that will never be used again
  8. Try doing a few Sums the forum currently has 4819 members, if 10 % pay £10 each thats £4820 then another 10% pay £5 each £2410 thats £ 7230 ! and still with 80% non paying members !!! Now you cant tell me it costs that to keep the forum running ??
  9. my Friend runs a forum of an Equal size to this one and his costs are around £60 a year for the hosting and running costs are minimal because the Moderators do it all for Free, David Can claim the cost of the Hosting of the forum/ Website against tax as he uses it as Advertising for His seed supply Company
  10. Why am i unable to post on any of the parrot related topics in the general chat section, i was under the belief that all parrot related subjects ie Stafford etc would be accesable to everybody, not just Davids profit makers !!
  11. its not just the odd feather, he has chewed loads of feathers on his chest, outer wings and a couple on his back, he is looking very scruffy and has half feathers sticking out where he has chewed the ends,
  12. i have a congo grey, he is just over 1 year old and just started his first Moult, however he has also started Snipping/ chewing his feathers, he has a good diet, lots of toys, regular Calcivet and Vitimin Suppliments, he seems perfectly happy and well, i just cant stop him chewing his feathers, he will sit on me Preening himself and just snip a random feather, Any ideas on why he does it or how i can stop it ??
  13. hahaha, only winding you all up because the forum is down !!
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