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  1. Waitrose sells walnuts in shells all year round. I allow Seren to open them herself. Good exercise for her beak. She soon drops any nut in the shell if its bad. This is the first year she has managed to open almonds and enjoy them. Lisa.
  2. Thank you for all the advice. He is now at a wikd life rescue place. I went and dropped him off yesterday morning. They look after alot of wild life. Here is the link to their website, They will take many animals. A fantastic place. http://www.follywildliferescue.org.uk/default.htm
  3. Thank you MMM. I will now go and read up. I am just very concerned i will do the wrong thing. I will keep you updated. Lisa
  4. Hi All. Yestrday i found a baby pidgeon, I would say he/she is about 6 weeks old. At the moment i am keeping he/she in a box. I have given it food and water. Still very much alive and very alert. I am just scared as i really don't know what i am doing as never hand fed a bird before. No broken bones as i can see and feel. Seems very aware. I am looking for someone or an organization that will take it off my hands as i want it too have a fighting chance to live. I live in kent, so if anyone knows someone, I would be very gratefull. Can anyone give me advice?? All the advice i have been given is by people who have no idea about birds and say i should kill it! I could never do this. Its so cruel. Bless he'she is very sweet, I have now named e'she onion. I have no idea why? I really hope someone can help me. Thank you.
  5. Thanx Skip and Jem. Will try later just going to eat my dinner....
  6. Jem. Followed your instructions!! Same as LAM..... Didn't know the button was there. But can't find any paint thingy buttons......( I am computer dumb!) Apparently i am most like Jennifer Aniston, Kirsty Dunst, Annette Benning??. Samantha morton????(even more question marks?). Must try another photo!
  7. I have 5 in left ear, 4 in right ear. Belly button done twice. Nose done..... God that made my eyes run.....! Thinking about another 2 piercings.......... Which i would love to have done..... Will leave it to your imaginations.............!
  8. I voted yes. I have four. A rose, a orchid on each shoulder. A chinese sign for friends in the middle of my shoulder blades and one i designed for myself on my lower back. Would love to get some more. Its very addictive once you get one.... LOL
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