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  1. Hi we took Poohbhar to Trinty he was vey poorly the care and attention he received, and the information we reiceved was 1st rate and we now have our happy green boy back Goff
  2. I am no expert but like yours ours have a little spat then they are all kiss kiss (come little girl he says) then procceeds to try and crawl under her ? we accused the shop where we got him of selling us a *** parrot .But their is no sustained aggression he has a toy which he hates and beats up, and if they went at it like that there would be trouble. I would def not put a nest box in on cage as he will not be able to put enough space between them and suffer and you will as you say. They have a box on the floor in a main room with us, its not a proper nest box but they go in chew up sum wood which saves the skirting and play, which seams to be working for now, as they are now both coming up to maturity things will prob change. GOFF
  3. Hi Linds He only dominates when she lets him.unless he is confidant eclectus would never breed because the female is so aggresive.I would not put my hands any where near the food bowls when she is about we have learned that some areas are hers,and if you have her nest box close, they are known as the red and blue pitbull. :evil: Goff
  4. HI linds. Poohbar has turned exactly the same way with pickle , where he used to take flight if she just looked at him he now threatens her and sumtimes they have a slight spat, he only does this outside the cage where he knows he can get away.I have never seen anything so angry as her when he winds her up she will walk around fluffed up and attack any thing in her range, fridge pattern on carpet, me! :x .He is now 4 and she is nearly 3. The next moment he will be feeding her and going thru all the motions . Goff
  5. Will do problem we have many places she tucks herself up in when out and removing her is to be done very carefully. Will see how they cope in cages next to each other when we all get back will be glad to have her back as her self. Goff
  6. The reason will be moving box when take eggs is we are going on hols for a week, the weekend after and they are going into boarding so figured this will probaly be better . We were due to go the week after she laid but thought taking eggs and putting into boarding would be to traumatic for her and us, no easy answer i geuss. Goff
  7. Hi linds. Our Pickle is exactly the same except she is sitting on two infertile eggs which i am going to remove this weekend (3weeks) Hopefully she will not take it out on Poohbar and us,she can be an angel and devil in the same breath. I am going to remove the box, and see Poohbar has more space away from her maybe cages next two each other as his confidance and condition has improved with the space while she has been in the box.We did not intend to have a box but when they are out together she made it clear what she wants, he feeds her just cannot get the other bit right :roll: Hopefully we are doing right Goff
  8. No prob elle. See you have a ekkie hope he is good as ours
  9. hi .www.billsbirdsandboarding.com/ Hope this helps . Goff
  10. Hi when we were looking we found Bills Birds in that area, did not actually use but looks a good setup . Goff
  11. Ours roost down next to us until a about 8.30 then time for the nitey nite routine :roll: Both step up one on each hand big stretch a lot of aw aw awin as it sounds then put in cage on own perch . allways covered them as it get light in summer and they can be a bit vocal in the morning and i needs me beauty sleep. :roll: Goff
  12. Passion fruit .sticks like glue. Goff
  13. yes indeed the girl more than the boy,theres a surprise not!
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