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  1. Sadly on the 1st of June at 11:20 Chucky my mustached parakeet crossed over to rainbow bridge I spent my 1st ever wage on buying him.
  2. hey guys! just though i would let you all know that chuckys results came back, negative he doesnt have psittacosis which is fab and even better they think he just had some sort of virus and will be fine! thanks again guys! x
  3. ok cool thanks, i will have to invest in some for him! he is such a fussy so n so, hardly eats his fruit n veg either tbh, he is a sunflower seed junkie
  4. oh ok! I have never heard of that! thank you! x
  5. thanks for that link! i did read they treat it with antibiotics which he is on now, the vets are lovely but they dont really say what they think if that makes sense. unfortunately they think he ma have a secondary liver disease too which i am not sure how they can treat either. so if it psittacosis he maybe ok....... thanks x
  6. precisely, you have to dont you! does anyone know if it is psittacosis whether they are going to be likely to "fix" him?
  7. thank you guys. he is back home now, and he is talking again, he has some antibiotics, and i need to take sample into them tomorrow, then I have to wait for results, this will determine whether he has psitticosis......... If not i dont know what is next, the antibiotics are temporary fix i think and will make him feel better short term. so just hoping they can sort him out really! just spent over half my wage on him today
  8. thanks guys.....I hope he is ok, it could be zinc poisoning BUT i am pretty sure his cage doesnt have zinc in it.
  9. I know i dont come on very often but my chucky is ill and i know u guys would understand my parakeet chucky seemed to take ill last night, wont talk, wont eat, drinking loads, not acting like him at all took him to the specialist vet and he has been kept in overnight they think he may have liver disease or possibly psittacosis can u send positive thoughts for my baby please
  10. no probs. yeah they are lol! thats coz people like u cheat! pmsl
  11. how weird! mum was just saying how when we were in australia she used to do this apparantly things were put out on the nature strips and what hadnt been taken from someone else in the area would be collected up! she was complaining that they dont do that over here!
  12. I have voted for you! But how cute was the westie pic? lol
  13. here are pics of the dogs with the storage boxes they got for christmas and all the other things they got. scampy star lily
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