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  1. Pottys Mum

    What am I supposed to do?

    My darling Charley Chuckle, Grumble Grumble has gone. She came to me as a foundling nearly ten years ago. Last evening she was eating and drinking as normal but I sensed something wasn't right. I cuddled her on the sofa all through the night until she died in my arms. She bit me, which she has rarely done and everything is covered in blood.How am I to cope with losing three dear little ones in the space of six months. Phoebe, Olly and Charley. I am signed off sick with depresssion but have been let down by those who are supposed to care. What do I do with Charley? The house smells of death.
  2. Pottys Mum

    Olly Coptor, RIP

    Some of you will remember Olly, the little green budgie I rescued about six years ago after his owners had threatened to put him down. It took me three months to realise that Olly was blind. Despite being blind, he would come out of his cage and run to me and I had to be quick to catch him before he ran off the end of the table on which his cage sites. He would sit on my shoulder and chew my hair. He would run up my leg and perch on my toes, which he did for the last time yesterday. I woke up this morning to find him on the bottom of his cage. There was nothing wrong with him. It seems he just had a heart attack. Tiny little bird but has left a huge hole in my heart. Fly free, little man, and join Phoebe at Rainbow Bridge.
  3. Pottys Mum

    You could not make it up!

    Totally expected to find puncture wounds in litte Pink Feet but nothing . Don't really know what to do other than keep windows shut and her in her 'coop'. Could have been Charley
  4. So sorry to hear about your loss and hope he is found soon.
  5. You could not make it up. I was sitting in the garden with little Pink Feet (the pigeon with a broken wing I have looked after for over four years) when the same ginger tom that got into the living room through the window last weekend pounced Luckily my reactons were a bit swift and I managed to catch it by the scruff of the neck before it would do more damage than remove a couple of feathers. She is still sitting on two eggs, one of which she laid on the sunlounger last Friday week I thought this was my house and my garden - apparently not
  6. Pottys Mum


    No, this was little Phoebe the budgie. She outlived two 'husbands'. In hindsight I think she was poorly at the weekend but I missed it. Charley CAG is the B&F victim and is still going strong after nearly ten years.
  7. Pottys Mum


    Thanks, Louise. Buried her this afternoon but bloody ginger tom had to make his presence felt - found him in the living room on Sunday night and now in the garden when I was saying goodbye to my little friend. Brucie is lost...
  8. Pottys Mum


    For the past fourteeen years, little Phoebe has been the matricarch of the parrot clan. But this morning she fluttered her last goodbye. I held her close. Fly free little one.
  9. Pottys Mum

    Re: aspergillosis

    What a dreadful shame. I can't offer any help but am sending healing vibes in your direction. Get well soon, Jock.
  10. Pottys Mum


    Molly is Skinny
  11. Pottys Mum


    How exciting. Nothing so exotic here but the blackbirds have already left the next - although one sadly ended up in the pond on the only little patch that wasn't covered with pond weed - and perished.
  12. Pottys Mum

    Hello from somerset :)

    Welcome to the madhouse - sounds like you will fit right in!
  13. Pottys Mum

    Merlin and Charlie

    Love the update on the 'other' Merlin and Charley My Merlin has taken nearly nine years to actively seek out my company. He now regularly comes and sits on my shoulder or let. Still doesn't appreciate scritches though Charley is still my darling - just wish she would leave my mobile alone
  14. In loving memory of a very special friend,