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  1. I have only just found out this bit of information and thought I better share it just in case any of you were unaware. My Alfie loves apple and I had no idea that the seeds were harmful, along with cherry pits as they contain small amounts of cyanide. It is even possible that they could be seriously harmful or deadly to us if we ate enough in one go!! Bit scary really! Heres a couple of links; http://chemistry.about.com/b/2007/09/12/yes-apple-seeds-and-cherry-pits-are-poisonous.htm http://www.sweetacrebirdfarm.com/apple.htm
  2. Thanks jebird for your quick and honest reply. It is much appreciated. The diet was one thing I hadn't considered so I can understand that a seperate cage would definately be needed. Do you look after rescue birds then? What an incredible job, it must be very rewarding although sad at times.
  3. Aviator is great and the best at allowing them to fly safely.
  4. Hi, as some of you know I have Alfie an African grey who is now 3. He is very tame and cuddly and even gets on with the dogs. I am considering getting another parrot and am thinking about a galah. Galahs are also a favourite of mine and after seeing one last week, can't get it out of my head. This is not something I am going to rush into but first I wanted some advice. First how do you think an african grey and galah will get on? (I would only get a baby hand reared galah) Would they be able to share a cage or would i need to make space for another one?? Ideally I would them like them to share, but not sure if it is a good idea and know it wont be a easy process if a new toy is anything to go by but thats CAG's for you. Although some things don't bother him at all. Does anyone know anyone near colchester essex that breeds them that I could visit or talk to? Anyone thats got one, please let me know anything about them you think I should know. Think thats a good place to start. It's not that Alfie seems to need the company, he is more than happy taking to the dogs when we're not downstairs. Athough Alfie seems to love any sort of attention from anything. PS. sorry not been online latey, been busy with my degree - which is all finished now!!!
  5. Thanks for sharing - that confirms my thoughts. We have to be careful at work, not to let the children play with water outside incase of that - I often wondered if it would be the same for the dogs - with be extra careful. x
  6. Just a quick update - Tyree had the snip nearly 3 months ago. I cant actually believe the difference in him. It's incredible!! In those three months he hasn't once had a fight with Sam. They are a proper happy family - I couldn't ask for any more. Pippa now rules the roost - she has more balls then the other two and she's a *****! Bless her. It's just made everything so much easier, we can separate the boys or have them on the sofa without eithrer of them getting jealous. It's just made life so much easier. Just never dreamt it would have made this much of a difference. x
  7. Yes thats right CGM, beverley sent some of my cage off to be tested as well, as far as we know it is just the bolt and the cage it self is ok. I still have the cage in my garage as I don't know what to do with it. I'm hoping I can find a bolt to go on it, so i can sell it. If you look at my photobucket there is a copy of the orginal article about the cages on there - it 's under 'other'. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any luck finding a bolt. x
  8. Thank you, thats great. I'll let you know how he gets on. x
  9. Am so nervous - actually bit the bullet and got Tyree booked in to be castrated. I know it's for the best and he will be fine - not sure why I feel so nervous! The only thing is, in the anxiety of the phone call - I'm not sure if I remember what the receptionist said. have got to get him to the vets for 8.30am Monday morning. I think it was no food after 7pm on Sunday night and to take the water bowl away - but I can't remember when - thought she said first thing monday morning, but we will be leaving home to get to the vets at about 8, I wont be up much before that! Can anyone confirm? Am also going to be asking about getting Pippa spayed, but Ty's my priority at the moment - am kind of hoping he'll loosen up a bit around my other male. They get on ok, but Ty can get a bit jealous of Sam and grumbles at him sometimes - Sam thinks it's all a game - bless him he's a bit dim at times. If they do ever have a scrap Sam will be wagging his tail going back for more - you'd think instint would tell him Ty's not playing! Thanks guys. x
  10. Thanks guys had a bit more luck on ebay now I know what I'm looking for. Nutterly_uts - would this one be any good for you as it says it's adjustable and for different sized dogs, not sure if the strength thing would still be an issue - it's the only adjustable one I found on there: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=360006597559&ssPageName=STRK:MEWA:IT&ih=023 = Always happy to shorten links (MadMudMob) Think I will be ok as all my dogs are simular in size. I looked in pets at home yesterday - think i might be going blind you know!
  11. Thank you, this must be what they are using I reckon. Just seems wierd that I can't find them in the shops! Maybe I'm just looking right at them!
  12. Firstly happy Christmas to everyone!! Have just a quick question. When out and about I have seen people with leads that have more then one dog attached to it. I have looked everywhere but can not find these leads anywhere. I'm not sure if it's a specially designed lead that splits into two or if it's a special adapter that you add to your current lead. I have tried searching on ebay, but I'm not even sure what they would be called so am not having much luck! If you have any ideas what they are or know where I can get one from please let me know. Any help would be much appeciated. Thanks again Emma
  13. I would recommend it to anyone Jackie, and all 3 dogs love it, they haven't turned their noses up at it once - although all of them would eat anything given half the chance. Also boil up some chicken and veg occassionly for a treat which of course they absoluelty love to!
  14. The breeder who I went to court with recently, use to go on about this all the time, she did use to show as well as breed so obvisously it was important. But once they have been spayed or castrated I was under the impression they couldn't be shown for crufts anymore. I could never work out why it mattered if their coat wasn't quite as lovely as it once was. This obvisiously wont be an issue for me as I'll love my dogs whether they are beautifully fluffy or bald. x
  15. Oh I know thats why I feed them that. It's just I had so my trouble with Sam and his weight in the past, it's the only food I have found that I can feed him without making him fat! He loves his food! x
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