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  1. Well after about 3 years I have returned, I was originally Freddie now Freddie 2, my name is Debbie and I have an African grey who has just celebrated his 8th hatch day I have had him since he was 3 months old and he is as crazy and adorable as ever xx debbie
  2. OMG I cant even begin to put into words what I think and feel. I was a member here until approx 3 years ago when June took over the forum previously as Freddie. I have in the past helped to raise funds for June and her birds and even organised a little gift for her. How duped do I feel!!!I have never visited or seen her premises I went on what was said here and word of mouth etc I believe she was just moving as I stopped using the forum. I don't want to think ill of anyone but how can I not. she gave me some advice about my bird Freddie as he is a snipper and to be fair it was and is good advice although he is still a hormonal snipper. im so sorry to hear about what has gone on my heart goes out to anyone affected I feel so sad and angry about it all. Debbie
  3. well we will see you really never can tell with birdies i once approached his cage wearing a baseball cap freaked the poor chap out bless him xx
  4. aww congratulations did your little parroty friend get to join in? love the cake topper someone knows you so well xxx
  5. Freddie

    Stormbird? (Updated)

    Hiya Roz its really good to see you back, i have done more lurking than posting lately but hope to ammend that lol, anyway big wave and a parroty snog from our end to you all xxx
  6. Hubby needed to have his eyes tested and we knew he would need new glasses. It has been a couple of years since my eyes were tested and i had noticed that when looking up from close work and trying to focus on something futher away that the focusing took a little while. I was warned a good few years ago that this problem was developing and that by middle age i would need glasses. Well i had my eyes tested today and told the optician what had been happening and he said he could see what my problem was. Then he socked it to me not only do i need glasses but the ONLY lenses i would be able to have were varifocals. Well my husband laughed his socks off mainly cos we always laugh at the fact that his lenses get thicker each year (well they would if it wasnt for technology). My problem is not so much that i need glasses but that i need varifocals and i am only 42 not what i would class as middle aged. i do a lot of close work knitting, cross stitch, reading etc and would need to use my glasses for close work and at work because as a nurse i do a lot of writing then i need to look up at the monitors which is when i struggle for a few seconds. I am sure they will be a great help but it did come as a bit of a shock. Oh well i did get a free pair of sun glasses prescription ones which will be great for my holiday in july and they arrive just prior to our holiday so i can get used to them when not trying to work. Has anyone noticed that glasses look really odd on you if you havent worn them before lol ps not sure what freddie will make of them lol any way thanks for listening to a silly OLD woman xxxx debbie xx
  7. Freddie

    Funny smell!

    can you imagine a flock of parrots with the munchies !!!!!!!
  8. Freddie


    thank you guys xxxx
  9. Freddie

    What songs do you sing to your birds?

    freddie whistles the great escape, the adams family, sings his own song which goes i know a bird called freddie bird, freddie freddie i know a bird called freddie bird freddie freddie bird, he also whistles a tune that i think is connected to the mexican cartoon mouse speedy gonzales, and a couple of nursery rhymes too
  10. she is obviously aware that there is a recession on and doesnt want to be one of the redundacy casualties bless her xx
  11. Freddie


    it was awful i watched it i have a lot of respect for gordon for getting in where he shouldnt and risking trouble but awful practice, this series so far has been very informative but heartbreaking
  12. my neighbours tell me how my cag freddie has them in stitches laughing at what he says x
  13. Freddie

    Vote for Sonny..!!!

    just voted
  14. Freddie


    merry christmas one and all xx
  15. thanks David id love one are they mint? x