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  1. Hi all, just had a call about a lost african grey in the bury area of manchester, quite close to the motorway. If anyone sees him or hears anything will you let me know, this lady has already registered with john hayward. thanks
  2. Anyone know if you can use this near birds? I have a problem with something in the garden coming in on the dog, think its to do with the rotting leaves!, and gonna clean em all up and spray this outside, just wondering if i should take any special precautions near the birds as i intend to put it into the dogs shampoo too. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Grapefruit seed extract Anyone had any dealings with this product. I have info on how to disinfect cages with it and how to treat skin problems in birds with it, but need to know if its ok to spray them with it. Please help someone's got to know!! :oops:
  4. fannyann, i hope someone on here can advise me, because i cant go through all that again, six birds and they all get stressed easily!!!! Anyone advise on the use of dettol please? Also has anyone had any experience with Ardap? I have just bought a big tin of it, its for sale on rob harveys website as suitable for use with parrots, just dont know if i can spray it on the concrete perches and leave it or if i have to wash it off. Someone please help,think the dettol would be good if anyone can advise how about a good steam cleaning, would that work if i blocked all the holes in the cage afterwards with vaseline? Realy trying to not use chemicals here guys, any help would be greatly appreciated, not only by me but also by my birdies!!
  5. hi hotfoot!! Gonna boil all i can and then put in the microwave. I have ready somewhere that covering any gaps with vaseline works as does spraying nooks and crannies with coca cola, apparently coke sticks to mites and dissolves them!! I have treated my house twice and still the birds itch and they have been treated with veterinary ivermectin on the back of the neck once a week for 3 weeks. Everytime I pick one of them up, my hand itches as if there is some sort of irritant on them, no idea what to do, but insanity isnt as far away as it has previously been
  6. hi dorothy, the stronghold i got said it also kills all sorts of biting lice!
  7. Hi all, I have recently had a problem with mites on the birds. I have treated the cages and the birds (ivermctin for birds and anti flea treatment on the cages and then washed down), I have also washed all of the birds toys in hot soapy water. My birds are still itching, I have ruled out allergies, nothing new has been brought into the house, apart from a new bird and I have been cleaning the cages thoroughly. My birds are still itching and I find myself washing all the wooden toys daily. Is there anything anyone can suggest to ward mites off please, preferably something natural. My poor dog has also been bit, even though she has been treated with Frontline and Stronghold, the dog is ok now but she has even been bitten in her ears! :cry: I have been spraying the birds approx once a day with a dilution of 1 part aloe vera juice to 3 parts water and this does seem to help them, I believe that there is something I can wipe their toys with that is natural and will ward off mites, can anyone help me please? Love and thanks sindy
  8. well you are all stars, thank you so very much, my son wants to get it back to health and let it go. He picked it up from a pond being attacked by a duck and it seems to have a damaged foot, it was freezing so my son knocked on doors until someone gave him kitchen roll to dry it, then he cuddled it until it was warm, when it warmed up he put it down and as he walked away it hobbled to him and wouldnt let go of him! Thank you all so very much, will keep you all informed and update you and any advice will be greatfully received
  9. my son thinks he has rescued some kind of hawk!! Bless him he's a teenager and his brains dont evolve or kick start unless there is a pretty girl in the room!! I know this will be a daft question, but what type of seeds?
  10. my son has found a bird that was being attacked by ducks, i dont know how to post the pic on here but if someone would be good enough to click on the link for my photobucket, the picture is the first one and is called "what am I?" someone please help me, i need to know what this bird is and then can find out what to feed it, looks like some kind of weird pigeon hawk thingy!! look forward to hearing from anyone who can help please sindy
  11. just had a call that a cockatiel has been found in widnes, contact me if this is your bird or you know who it belongs to.
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