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  1. aww tanks forthat cgm, we let them out a little later this morning and they are no quieter lol they just get excited cos its play time, anyway no moany neighbours today, i did have a word with one of the kids from schools dad as he lives over that direction and he said he thinks it his neighbour who has also moaned at him for his cockatiel and basically he just likes to hear his own voice and doesnt generally take things further, i did say to the dad though to tell him if he works nights or anything i will keep them in longer and i am very sorry the noise yesterday he said he will pass on message but i shouldnt worry so hopefully problem solved but i will start keeping note of times etc just incase thank you everyone for your advice very much apreciated oh n thanks for the kinds words about my course, i have a looooong way to go but i will get there eventually and hopefully get my midwifery degree before i'm 60 hehe
  2. aww thanks hunny always great to see the familiar faces popping up again
  3. aww thanks for that guys and david especially nice to get feedback from someone who knows the rules here in wales hopefully our council/noise complains people are same as over by you, to be honest ive felt so embarased today i was letting them out in turns one pair for a few hours then the others and had food inside and outside to make sure they got plenty, i would hate for people to think were nuisance neighbours but as david says if noise would be measured indoor i know they wouldnt be able to do anything as my nextdoor neighbour and the house opposite (well other side of our drive) both say they never hear them, from what hubby says it was a garden backing onto ours a few houses up so were not sure which one to go round to to apologise and discuss if they are being disturbed if they work nights or anything now i do know the house at end of our garden has an aviary to with a rosella in and next door to him always comments how he loves to hear jasper talking and singing so i know its not them to btu a few doors from them is a dad of a kid in my sons class so i might have to quiz him at school in the morning if he knows of any grumpy people on his street !! as for the birdies tomorrow i will try letting em out a little later and see if that helps and if not then i think we will just play by ear as from all your feedback theres nothing they can do anyway and if i do say sorry i am seen as working with them its not as if i'm encouraging them to squalk and whistle is it!! thanks again guys as always every post apreciated oh n btw sorry not been on so much ive started the foundations in building my qualifications ready to get to university so have been busy on a course and also ive been helping out lots at the kids school, i do miss you all lots and hope when i get more time i will catch up with you all xx
  4. thanks rachael and adele its normally around 7am for about 5 mins cos they know its feeding time and they come out and then around dusk they start which is when we shut them away as its starting to get a bit cold, then around 9pm they start again for a few mins this is the time emma n dale are being noisey which is not like them as usually quiet, if you go out to them and say shhh guys be quiet and they tend to shut up but as you probably guess i go back in and they start again lol right i will try and figure out which house it is from hubby and see if i can find out if it was a case of bad morning or theyre fed up in which case i can apologise thanks again guys
  5. thank you guys for all your replies, kris i cant bring em in unfortunatly as they are my two pairs of greys so not very sociable sadly or i would have them in here so if its just one person complaining and the birds arnt beign noisey all day constant they cant do anything then? if thats the case he can moan all he likes !! luckily it wasnt me who let em out i i would have shouted you shut em up ! i dont know which house it was or i would go and apologise for the noise i am always sayign to neighbours " do the birds bother you" and until this morning i have always got the reply they like to hear them i was going to write another thread actually to ask if there was any reason one pair has become more vocal in morning an night same sort of time for about 10 mins even when they are shut away for the night, could it be a sign they are getting broody? also if i was to put a devide between flights and the pairs couldnt see each other is it likely to stop some of the noise? they do have aviary panels between them but they can see each other i do know the main culprit of the noise though which is jasper our grey we used to have in the house who is now with a mate noisey bugger has taught them to whistle and "quack" etc but also to be very noisey emma n dale we never heard before jasper and her mate went out but its emma n dale who are the ones being more vocal at min anyway thanks again i will elt you know how they get on hopefully it was a one off shell
  6. just a quick question really, hubby let birds out this morning and as normally they have their 5 mins screeching etc cos their excited only for him to be greeted by someone a few houses up shouting "will you shut those bloody birds up" obviously hubby was shocked and didnt know what to do so he shut them away till i just got back from the kids school where ive been helping otu this morning, anyway weve just let them back out and hopefully they will be quiet this time but if not does anyone have any kind of advice or sugestions of what we can do to stop them being so noisey...................its stupid really cos i know its only nature and perfectly normal for them to do this but i'm now upset that if they arnt quiet later as they normally have their evening call and shouting at dusk then the person may complain and i might have to give them up please please anyone who can help as if not my next thread will be in the for sale section :cry: :cry: :cry: shell
  7. brill vicky even our jacko (cag) was laughing lol i was thinking of trying to teach him jingle bells too but hubby says what about when he sings it in august etc lol great vid though keep em coming
  8. wow vicky new chickies already your guys dont waste any time do they lol, are these the result of that parrot adult video you posted on here a few weeks ago lmao my emma n dale still not gone down again starting to think they wont boohoo mind you emma is doing huge poo's at min which i'm sure ive heard can be a sign shes getting ready or am i just waffling rubbish lol make sure you take plenty of pics hun will be lovely to see a weekly update on growth development
  9. oh i never thought of asking on there i think i did register there once but never get round to visiting as too busy on here lol thanks for that tho stormy shame if cant have them but lovely idea all the same we can but dream
  10. oh wow great stormy (i knew you would come to the rescue lol) thanks oh i can work on hubby now hehe, not bothered about breeding but even one or two would be nice and worth cost to have something that pretty do you know if i was to build/buy an aviary for fancy birdys like that can you mix species like say a few of them and a few tiels or other finches etc make a nice special area in the garden if you can have a nice mixture ive always fancied something different but never been brave enough to explore the smaller birds in avairies through not knowing.....i might have to invest in a few books and read up over the winter if this could be a possibility
  11. arnt they gorgeous brooke and yeah i can see why you would call them that! especially that last piccy i can see it now ...........imaginge some idiot advertising them -----> "for sale minature/dwalf macaw" hehe
  12. ok i have a challenge for you all cos i'm useless at finding info lol while searching on google for a picture i came across the following birds and discovered they are called "painted bunting" a species native to america i just wanted to say how amazingly gorgeous is this bird, and how much would i love an aviary full of these gorgeous little guys!! so the quest starts does anyone know if these native american birds are bred by anyone in the uk and are they something you can have in aviaries (legally i mean) i know vagualy there are laws on finches in the uk and these are (i think) part of the finch if not sparrow species is it a no no to keep them or is it something like they need cites (or similar) etc i'm not very good on this side of things as i dont have an aviary with the smaller birds in so this is all new to me, but would love to find out what the chances are of owning such fantastic birds shell x females of the species does nto have the same colouration as the male but is equaly beautiful...............now for the boys and also fabulous is the indigo bunting :shock: btw mods any images to big please feel free to resize i dont wana get in trouble for them being to big
  13. https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/topic/14306-morrisons-and-pomegranite/ something similar :wink: oops lol i didnt realise there were two threads on this haha cheers for that gooner :oops:
  14. dunno if anyone has posted this already but just got back from asda and they have 4 for £1 too got my lot a couple of packs (and some for me too) hehe its daft really cos they do 4 medium sized ones for a quid or 1 large one for 1.60 somat
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