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  1. Just to let you know his owner has been found she lost him a week ago about 2 miles from where he was found - great news!!
  2. My son found a parrot in his garden today I think it is a Meyers parrot but not sure. I think it may be a young bird but again as I know nothing about these birds I can't be certain. He/she is definitely tame and is sitting on my shoulder as we speak, if I put him back on the top of his cage he keeps coming back to me. If you know anyone who has lost one of these please let me know. Thanks Pam x
  3. I'm still a general too .......soon to be demoted to private though :cry:
  4. I used to be a "chatty" member although I'm not chatty really, but I read alot!!! Now it just says "general" member - doesn't make you feel good :shock: :cry:
  5. I thought it was a great advert .... the first time I saw it. :roll: Now I've decided it's just plain horrible and gives me the creeps - I turn over if it comes on. :shock: Best adverts are (in no particular order) are : the Virgin ones with the girls in red and the one where people start dancing at the train station ... definitely "feel good" adverts and we need all we can get of the feel good factor at the moment.
  6. Oh how exciting - good luck to you and Pepe - hope all goes well!
  7. Hi Steve I have a BHC and would be willing to help out if necessary. I live in Walton on Thames in Surrey, a bit far I know, but if you are stuck...... I'd have to re-arrange my furniture, but for two weeks I don't mind. Let me know if I can help. Regards Pam
  8. Wow I opened a whole can of worms! So I just put it down to hormones and ride it out? Still love him despite the fact he hates me. Most of the family are telling me to get rid of him, but I can't do that. I don't think the fact that I'll be away for 5 weeks is gonna help the situation. I suppose I'll just have to start all over again when I get back :roll: Such is life with birdies
  9. No changes to me - may have got fatter over Christmas though :shock: Of course it could be hormones I supose, but he doesn't attack either of my sisters, just me, which is why I said it seems like he's "unbonded" with me if there is such a thing!
  10. Hi Vikky He doesn't appear to be poorly - I know birds are good at hiding illness, but all signs are normal. He's bright and perky, whistling like a good 'un, playing with his toys, climbing all over and his droppings look normal He eats double dutch foods, and has fresh fruit and veg everyday, so that's not a problem. He is not moulting and he's coming up 8 years old, I've had him since he was 5. Thanks
  11. Hi Everyone My BHC Jerry has suddenly decied to start attacking me whenever he's out of the cage. He's been doing it now for over a month and actually flies to me to attack me. He has done this before (over a year ago) to a male visitor in my house, he flew to him and bit him on the cheek - he needed to go to hospital it was that bad! Jerry has never really liked men and that was a really unfortunate accident, now he is never allowed out when there is a man in the house, which isn't very often. He now manages to bite me most days, I don't mean little nips, but really big nasty bites. I have no idea why he has decided that I'm the enemy. It's almost like he's "unbonded" with me, he certainly doesn't love me anymore and as you can imagine it's heartbreaking. I going on holiday in March and have arranged for a friend to look after him, but am feeling very guilty about leaving him with her when he's being so nasty. Anyone have any ideas why he has turned so nasty. Nothing has changed in his routine and I don't have an OH for him to bond to. Any suggestions would be welcome. I need HELP!!!!
  12. Just to let you know that the problem has been solved now. Thanks to everyone for their kind offers and suggestions.
  13. Hi No I haven't yet. Although March is a long way away I am beginning to panic a bit. :shock:
  14. Thanks Chrissi I will get back to you if I can't find someone nearer. Thanks mods .... good idea! :roll:
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