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  1. ok david will do :oops: .Didn't have time to read previous postings about the new shop sorry .
  2. hi people haven't been on here for ages ineed parrot premiem for pele .C an someone please tell me how to order ,pele has only ever had DD food for 3 years now it seems i can't get it so please help :cry: :cry: :cry:
  3. I have only just caught up with this thread and i'm sorry to hear jasper isn't jasper but if he was found local then i can remember someone else from the parkstone area losing there grey, as i'm not feeling to good again at the moment perhaps mmm or someone can check out the old thread and seeif they left there email adress. Just a thought but you never know.
  4. lol Harry's mummy youv'e just made me remember using one of those highlighter kits on my daughter it cost me £60 to get it right at the hairdressers for her. :oops:
  5. lol @ debs get yourself a dog there good for all the food thrown out the cage , my gemma sits there waiting it's sooo funny.
  6. Well done you for taking him in ,i'm with envy cause i'd love another birdie.
  7. hi jason i live quite near you and i will keep a good look out for him . I f i can be of any help just let me know on here or by email .Here's hoping for a quick and safe return of your bird.
  8. doubt i'm normal but then that wouldn't be a suprise ....91-110
  9. down here we always say skoan as in moan , never heard it pronounced scon how strange.
  10. so sorry to hear your news , big hugs coming your way.
  11. pele's favorite is pomigranite, he chucks it at the walls the curtains and my suite the little
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