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  1. hello everyone we phoned barnes hill about the african grey they have, but turns out this one has a different leg ring on and a tail, so we just keep looking and hopin,thanks to everyone who is still looking
  2. sam has now been in the birmingham mail, a sighting of a parrot at local area but no joy, still hoping for her return and leafletting more of the area we don't know what else to do but wait. hope she's o.k.
  3. thanks for everyone who sends their good wishes, we have heard nothing since the last sighting still looking and hoping, we hope she is alright
  4. thanks for letting me know about john no signs today been putting out more leaflets by the parks and placed article in the evening mail tomorrows another day.
  5. thanks to all people have had sightings of her today and rang us but shes being attack by the gulls sending her further away. more leaflets delivered into that area and friends and family looking out. again beaten by the night sky and another cold night for our little girl. thanks again
  6. thanks we can only wait till morning now
  7. we are based in birmingham just posted leaflets in local area told the pet shops and neighbours and just getting in touch with John Hayward in the parrot society. its so quite even outside! thanks
  8. Lost African Grey Parrot 19th January 2009 15.20pm Rung /Semi Tame/No Tail Loved Pet 4yrs old 07956 150954
  9. how do i put a little picture undermy name also we were thinking of a photobucket could you help please.
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