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  1. I am a breeder of Blue and Gold macaws, been breeding for 13 years now and we always have cuddly tame friendly babies, they are all DNA sexed and come close rung, we are in North Wales near Chester my email address is jawhiteside64@aol.com
  2. Thank you all very much my poster skills worked, someone noticed my poster in a pet shop and called us he had flown only about half a mile away and we are picking him up in the morning as they have grown quite attached to him he flew from us on sunday and went to them on monday so they have had him for a week, they went to the pet store today to advertise some of their chickens for sale and noticed my poster of mason so called us we told them his ring number and they said yes it was him
  3. Just to let you all know our senegal has been found we have just had a telephone call
  4. our little senegal mason escaped from the aviary this afternoon we live is shotton deeside if anyone finds him please contact us
  5. i have brought the macaw puzzle from Mal and it is amazing thank you so much
  6. A friend has contacted me to say she has a parrot in her back garden in a tree she says the parrot is dark grey, very grey, with a red chest and head , not sure what type this could be?? she lives in the palacefields area of Runcorn i have her contact number if anyone has lost a bird like this so please pm me
  7. we have a pair of breeding vos ekkies if you pm me your contact details when i have some babies i will let you know
  8. thank you very much as i just asked if anyonw knows where to get it () :oops: :oops: ) that will teach me eh
  9. i am also having problems getting hold of kaytee does anyone know anywhere that is selling it please??
  10. Hi and welcome i am also in North Wales and not very far from you
  11. well all the babies are growing fast now we are harness training the big two at the moment the big two are now 12 weeks old and the little two are 6 weeks old they are all reserved and their new mums and dads are lovely here are a few pics the little two and the big two
  12. Hiya and welcome i am also in North Wales
  13. some pics of the babies now at 8 weeks old they are starting to say "hello" and are just so sweet hope you like seeing the babies progress
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