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  1. bit of an update. due to all the publicity some of the animals were dumped back outside the shop. unfortunately there's still no sign of the galah & parakeet. the pet shop were also boarding a pair of tortoises, i believe these have been returned. also my first post says the galah is tame, she also talks but i forgot to mention that originally.
  2. as title says, stockport pet warehouse was broken into last night (02/01) many, many things were taken & lots of damage was caused. they were boarding a tame galah & parakeet, both have been stolen. i'm not even sure if the owners know yet. please be aware if you see these birds for sale & the sellers don't seem to know a lot about them.
  3. i'm after some general info on lovebirds please. especially what bar spacing they'd need & size of cage. would a stamford 1 be o.k? or is the bar spacing to wide? it's not for me by the way, i'm just the general helper/messenger/general dogsbody. oh and hi by the way, again it's been ages lol.
  4. i have a bullmastif and an exeedingley black cat. on the verge of adopting the local stray as well.
  5. what do you put in them? i think i've kept parrots for long enough now to put a bit of effort in & make my own mixes. just need a bit of inspiration. thank you parroty folk.
  6. wouldn't worry about it, there's loads of scams on the free-ads all over the internet, not just on gumtree. don't know how anyone can be taken in by them to be honest. why would anyone hand over money to pay for an animal they've never seen?
  7. my pionus is the same, she's always been loud in spring but calms again by the end of april but this year it's different. she's still being loud now and she's become aggressive with it, which she's never done before. and she was the most affectionate of my parrots. i told her yesterday that i missed her and would like the old pickles back please.
  8. i would go for the re-home every time. there's too many people that want cute cuddly tame babies and for some a 10 year old bird seems old when it's still a youngster. people forget how long these birds live for. notice it's been a few weeks since the OP last posted, hope she updates us. i'd hate to have to go all stalkerish and track her down on facebook.
  9. were you told anything about his history? has he actually got a ring round his neck? this can help to age him as the ring doesn't develop until they're around 18months-2years (is that right? i'm sure that's right but anyone feel free to correct me) so if he has a ring then chances are he's older than a year. unfortunately, what fuzz says is true. there are flocks of ringnecks living in southern england and some have been caught and sold on. don't know how far a field they travel before being sold so don't assume your's is a wild one. guessing from your i.d that you're in wales? in my experience, ringnecks are generally avairy birds and don't do well in cages. i hope you manage to bring your's round and i wish you luck but it's far from guranteed that he'll become tame.
  10. unfortunately conmen on the free ads have been around as long as the free ads themselves. personally i would never get pay to get bird shipped to me, and that's not because of conmen. i just wouldn't want to hand over that amount of money for a bird i'd never seen. can't understand why anyone would TBH.
  11. is this a rhetorical question? under what circumstances would this happen? i can't imagine anyone finding a lost parrot then saying 'best get it's wings clipped'.
  12. wont the paperwork count as proof of ownership? so if patchouli's daughter still has them then that'll give her more 'rights'?
  13. oooooh that's clever, i like that. at the mo, i don't have a will. i really should have one though even though i'm only 29. my life is pretty complicated. i think though that i should leave the birds to my grandchildren because there is a chance they'll outlive my children. mogwai is my main concern as he has the longest lifespan, i may outlive the sennies and pickles. although i don't actually know the lifespan of a pionus, that's some basic info i really should know lol.
  14. this is true rubytoo. i got pickles because her owner passed, left the birds (13 i believe) to various family members who pretty much immediatly looked for new homes for them all. can i just amend your last sentence? nothing in life is certain except death..... and taxes.
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