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  1. Parents a trial? If my mum was put on trial she'd get certified with no chance of a pardon.
  2. i'm waiting my mother arrivung, she is coming to pick up some stuff Steve wanted her to have, she phoned nearly 2 hrs ago to say she was only 1hr away and was towing a caravan!!! My mother has these ideas about being young free and single which she certainly is not!!! I bet in a week I be posting to say the caravan did not work out and she's sold it :roll: can't wait to find out the reasoning behind this yet again impulse purchase.
  3. hello from me too, i'm sort of new but an oldie at the same time??? Work that one out! It has me confused aswell.
  4. hello xxxx. Thanks for your support, thought I ought to mention I have had Steve's parrot Jimmybob for the last about 8 months, he lives in the bird room at mine with my Timeneh Spike. Jimmy is not too keen on me I'm a bit loud for him and jim is a quiet bird but he will sit on my hand so long as I talk quietly and make no sudden moves, if i do he flies off to his cage and gives me the dirtiest of looks. I promised Steve jim will live with me until I die cos I think Jim should outlive me if I care for him properly. My bird Spike loves Jim and says things like giz a kiss jimmybob and jimmybobs gorgeous and even jimmybob smells, my bird is a very good talker but jim only ever says hello and not very often. I am going to contact admin now to see how to make myself a permanent member here. Once again thank you all for your help and support it is needed as I feel awful just now but it does help being able to come here and talk about steve he really did love me and now I see that more than ever. Love Rob xxxxxxxxx
  5. Thank You for all your kind messages. The funeral was good (if that's the proper phrase). Steve had a traditional spiritualist funeral and he arranged it all himself even down to the officiant, he had his 3 favourite hymns one of them being the healing hymn which the officiant said he'd chosen to help heal those left behind. Gracious spirit of thy goodness hear our anxious prayer Take our loved ones who are suffering 'neath thy tender care Loving Father hear us, Hear us. Gracious spirit may thy presence shed a healing ray Turning all their nights of darkness into glorious day Loving father hear us, Hear us. Gracious spirit should'st thou claim them be their light and guide Lead them to the heavenly kingdom Safely by thy side Loving Father hear us, Hear us. Try has we did none of us sang that with a dry eye. The only set back was at the crem, his sister Eileen collapsed as the curtain closed, she is a fussy woman, but nice if you understand, can't say I blame her since november she's lost a neice and 2 brothers. The evening do was a success, hot food buffet with a disco. Most were drunk and those that weren't were absolutly blottoed. I think in my heart of hearts Steve had a very good day that day. Now all that is left is the tidying up of Steve's affairs and to hand back his flat to the council his sister Karen and me are doing all this in the next 3 weeks. Me I'm feeling empty and lost but he did warn me of this so im sure as time goes on it will get easier. Once again thanks for all your support and the welcomes to your home here on the forum Love Rob xxxxxxxxx
  6. All went well im tipsy so will post later love Rob xxxxxxxxx
  7. Its Rob, I hate spiders! Those look terrifying to say the least.
  8. steve's funeral is on Thursday, he planned it all himself, traditional spiritualist do, he has also paid for a buffet and disco on the night at a local social club, his idea being we shed our tears during the morning, rest then at night have a ball on him. I will try and tell you more about steve after the hard times have passed, just now I keep crying so I'm about as much use as a chocolate teapot. Steve loved this place and all you people so I have to stick around when I feel more able cope. Thanks for all your support and I have to say Roz's private messages to me are just what steve said they'd be supportive mingled with love but not intrusive, Thanks Roz you are one in a million, Love Rob xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  9. Rob again, Thank You for all your suppoert. I have just contacted madmudmob and told her I will be requesting a username of my own in the near future, I am not a forum type so bear with me but I promise I willstay in touch. Love Rob xxxxxx Can i ask please if I may use Abze's name until I sort things out ?
  10. Glad it's not just me that wondered! he opted for a pain killing jab in his botty love Rob xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  11. Hello its Rob, Thanks for the positive messages but this thread is about Abez not me so I'm going to relate a conversation steve had some time ago with his doctor before he knew he had cancer. Steve kept having bad bouts of pain and other things so he rang the docs surgery, they do a phone in service where you can speak to a doctor or the nurse he opted for the doctor, the doctor he spoke to was dr Sykes a lady doc, now I have never liked this woman (she is a very good doc though) she just sort of reminds me of a farmers daughter, well after speaking to her she said she'd call ito see him in about 2hrs. When she arrived she said now stephen what's the problem, he said, Linda to be honest I have so much pain I don't know if I want a sh it, shave or shower, she replied tapping her dr's bag, (which is in fact honestly a metal tool box), I have stuff in there to make you sh it, Rob can shave you and I'll shower you as she winked at him. I have never known a dr to speak like that but I did learn that day that both Steve and his dr had an enourmaous respect for each other and could simply be themselves and that is how I will always remember my man, he was himself and never pretended otherwise. Rob xxxxx
  12. Hello, it's Rob again. Many thanks for your words. Right now I have a deep empty black hole in my chest with no idea who or what could ever fill it. Years ago when I first met Steve online we were friends and were friends for ages before we met in real life, Steve knew I was depressed and he arranged a holiday for me in Cornwall, he spent a fortune on me to cheer me up lol. It is only now today that things have hit me like a clap of thunder, all the things Steve said and did for me was a build up for today when he knew he would not be around anymore. All the 7 years we were together he always used to say, we had a friendship before anything else and it is that friendship and respect that led us to where we are today. When Steve first came here often I'd hear him laughing loudly and I used to go see what he was laughing at, as time went on whenever I heard him laughing at his pc I knew he was here with you all, he really loved this place and used to say it was his internet home. Steve to me was Steve to you he was Abez if only you knew what you all meant to him. There was no one here he did not like, he used to smile and say, so and so thinks I don't like them but it's what they said and the way they said it that I don't like, which is very different from not liking them. It is now the weekend nothing much I can do so I'm off to my mums until Monday morning then I'll be back to sort out things, most of it was done by Steve but I have to close some internet accounts and other things like bills but he has written things down for me to follow, yes he always knew what I needed to make me face the world being the recluse that I am, I am sure now i can go into the world knowing Steve will always be there guiding and loving me as he always did. Once again thanks for your kind words of help. Love Rob xxxxxxx
  13. MadMudMob says ..... Rob has requested that this be placed here as a thread rather than in a section of it's own as he feels Abez wanted as little fuss as possible ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Our site owner, David, says .... We have received the sad news that our friend Abez has passed away. He has bravely endured his illness with the humour that we have come to expect. Abez was a founder member of our forum and a Moderator for some time. We will remember his kindness and support for others and his spicy sense of humour. RIP mate ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To light a candle for Abez .... https://www.parrot-link.co.uk/topic/18536-light-a-candle/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is Rob .... Abez woke this morning at about 4am he was talking on and off for a few minutes in a foreign language and at 10 past 4 he told us he loved us all and closed his eyes and passed away. His 2 sisters Janet and Karen were there and his younger brother Martin, myself and my Mum also. I promised Steve I would let you know when he left. Steve has slept a lot lately but he has said he had no pain. A few weeks ago I went out and bought 3 memory boxes, things you fill with keepsakes when someone dies, I will put some of his and your posts in one of them cos I know he loved this place and many people here too. I don't know what is in front of me in the future but I think I will never find another like Steve. Thank you each one of you for being around when Steve needed you, he truly loved you all. Rob xxxxxx I edited this because I made a mistake rob xxxx
  14. At almost the start of this thread I started quoting people to answer their kind replies but I did not quote David, not that i was being ignorant but because I wanted to use his quote as my final post here at parrot-link. David has always been a man of few words but very astute in his understanding of people here at parrot link and their needs. I doubt very much that David knew a few years ago when he took on this site just how much it would develop, how people would depend on it for advice for thier birds, advice with hassles in their private lives or just for a good old chin wag and laff with mates. So why have I saved Davids quote until last? Simple really...I'd like to congratulate him and also say to you fine people here, respect the guy, he may not say too much but he does know his site and members...he has a great modding team...respect them also.They have difficult decisions to make at times and if you don't agree with them, learn from it and move on TOGETHER, for it is in the moving on together that makes this such a great site. This will be my last post, after the sudden death of my brother, I have somewhat gone downhill a little my mood is a little depressed and I'm in pain a lot and also sleeping/napping a lot so I know within myself that it is time to go, this place is a happy place and I always intended leaving whilst still happy and positive. Rob has promised me that he will contact a mod at some point to let you know I have gone home...So Cheerio my fellow parroteers until we meet again this is what I wish for you all....... As I said I won't post again but I will pop in for a read when I am unable to sleep and I can assure you I will come back through the ethers of time and space to continue reading your posts...Also you never know I may be the first ghost to haunt this place pmsl, now that would get parrot link in the record books :wink:
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