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  1. Best way to do it Steve. Well you wouldnt like it if people kept walking in and out of the boudoir when you were trying to get jiggy with it would you My birds are just the same m8. Never see them off camera.
  2. Go Steve lad! .. not checked on this post for a while so it's nice to read that you got sorted out in the end .. Good luck.
  3. Well I emailed chris and it seems I'm not on my own! .. the one common link seems to be the isp.. NTL/Virgin media!! I have emailed the Virgin tech help to let them know about it.
  4. Hiya Gary...Who is Chris? Well I don't have any problems with any other sites whatsoever. I also have the problem on two different computers. That wee african Grey has turned out to be a beauty. He's picking up sounds already & wolf whistles at us constantly .. trying my hardest to hold on to him :wink:
  5. Why oh why can't I ever seem to view the Birdtrek website??? Is this the correct url.. http://www.birdtrek.co.uk I have tried on many occasions, both on my pc & on the laptop but every single time the page just times out :cry: Any idea's would be very welcome.
  6. I don't know if I might have to forsake stafford this time around. We are at a wedding reception the night before so I wont be fit to drive :cry:
  7. I understand your reasons for not taking what was due to you. Apart from that I doubt I could trust somebody who has so much disregard for another person. Hopefully you'll get the deposit back and I'm sure you'll get what you want soon. I'll be keeping a sharp eye out for you too. :wink:
  8. Hey yeah good luck m8. I remember reading your original post.. doesn't time fly (pardon the pun).
  9. I have to congratulate you on your thoroughness. As you and just about everyone else has said yes its very easy to get ripped off. I bought my first "pair" through a loot advert. I must have looked so green because the guy sold me 2 cock birds!! My own personal advice would be to stick to good forums for a while and when you do eventually buy just try to get as much "proof" of breeding as possible. There are quite a few devoted breeders on this forum alone. They have good reputations already & I doubt very much that they would tarnish it by selling a false pair, so look out for that kind of seller.
  10. Are any other breeders having unusual mating activity at the moment? My African greys usually nest in summer, and I thought I had a bad year this time around but now I have one pair with chicks in the nest and the other pair are humping for england :shock:
  11. Right, now Iv'e got the attentions of the ones with the filthy minds Last time my greys bred I pulled the chicks at around 15-16 days. I did iy at that point mainly because I wanted to be sure I could fit the leg bands over the feet. From what I had read I was lead to believe that it would be nigh impossible to do it if I left it much longer. Now I have stumbled across a winged wisdom article on the web which states.... "Pulling Babies From the Nest Leaving the babies with the parents until the oldest chick is around 24 days old will produce heftier babies than pulling them earlier. "A size 14 band will fit on the legs of most 25 day old chicks" Ideally I'd leave my chicks the full 24 days if I felt confident in the article. And I don't want to pull them for banding and replace them. Any thoughts or advice?
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