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  1. Aw I almost wish I hadn't watched that now :cry: Made me cry....
  2. True, my horses paddocks are surrounded by electric fences too.... The one I'm looking at will give an audible warning first, so they should learn very quickly that when they hear the beep they need to turn around otherwise they will get the static shock. Because of the area we live in we are unable to fence the front of the property and install cat rollers etc on top - therefore the invisible fence idea seems the only option. My cats are desperate to be out, but until I can be assured they are not going to be killed on the road I can't take that chance. The weird thing is we live in a tiny village with very little through traffic.... but when a car comes it seems all the cats have the urge to dash home - not a happy ending :cry:
  3. Panic over - the weary adventurer returned no worse for wear The cat flap is now firmly taped shut - completely! Something needs to be done... and soon, as I can't keep worrying like that as I'll end up having a breakdown :cry:
  4. That's it.... something has to be done and soon. Twice in the last 24 hours the cat flap has been changed from in only to out only - Shadow is now outside and doesn't want to come back in :cry: I've spent the last hour or so in the garden (in the rain I might add) in my pj's trying to persuade him to come back in and he's having none of it. He really wants to be out there. However, as he has a total lack of spatial awareness I just know that if he doesn't come back in before the tractors are up and about then he will end up being a flat cat :cry:
  5. Hmmmm, my worries exactly.... However, they state this is not an electric fence but a radio fence - what is the difference??? I would imagine a cat one would be less strong...? I really, really don't know what to do. There is nowhere around my house I could put a cat pen where they could perhaps climb out of a window or cat flap straight into it.... The only way I could do it was if they had a pen in the garden and that just doesn't feel right :cry: Really don't know what to do.
  6. It's apparently a strand of wire that can be buried around the perimeter of your property and then the cat/dog wears a collar which will beep when they get close to the boundry and then give them a static shock if they continue closer. On the one hand I think they are cruel, but on the other hand is it more cruel to keep them locked in the house when they are desperate to be out :cry: I just really can't bear the thought of them being run over..... again :cry:
  7. Has anybody had any experience with the invisible pet fences? After having one of our cats run over and killed a year or two back and another one run over and badly injured, we have kept the remaining cats indoors. However, they are really desperate to be outside and I am now looking at the invisible pet fences as a possible option. The people who make/sell them swear by them..... obviously, but I would like to hear from people (if any)who have experience with them.
  8. When I was at our local vet once with one of our dogs there was a man there with a shetland pony - not so odd, but he had him in the back of his panel van We went out to have a look and the pony was very happy and obviously used to being transported in this way. I always take in wild rabbits with myxomatosis to be put to sleep as I hate the thought of them dying a slow death :cry:
  9. My female cockatiels blow kisses, don't know if that counts Last year I handreared 4 conure chicks and kept one. Once the other babies had left home to go to their new families I brought in some cockatiel chicks to handrear - the conure we kept (Holly) joined in the new baby gang and used to cheep like a baby cockatiel - it was so cute. She totally forgot how to do the conure baby noise and spoke cockatiel instead
  10. I had problems with mine when I had one, so went back to the good old reliable Brinsea TLC-4 Brooder....
  11. Just though I'd let you know that yesterday and today Saba has woken up with a normal empty crop Will carry on with meds as directed but I am very pleased that things have returned to normal.
  12. The vet has given Saba some Nystatin, just in case there is an infection going on there. But to be honest by 8:30 her crop had gone down, before going to the vet anyway and it hasn't blown up again. She is absolutely fine in herself, eating well, playing madly cuddling like a cuddle bunny and talking the hind leg off a donkey hehe. Fingers crossed we have no further problems, but obviously if we do she will have to go back in for further investigation. Mike.... funny you should mention that about citrus fruit - I gave them an orange yesterday, cut up into little segments - she loves orange and could quite possibly have eaten the whole thing, leaving none for the rest of the birds in the birdroom.... Do you think it's necessary to give her the meds or wait and see what happens tomorrow morning. Thanks all for your concern and advice xx
  13. Hi all, haven't been around for a while - you know how busy life gets :roll: I woke up this morning to discover Saba (18 month old blue and gold macaw) has a swollen or gassy crop - now I'm panicking :shock: I will be on the phone to the vet at 8am when they open, but in the mean time I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what it could be?
  14. It's funny but both my pionus are incredibly territorial. It doesn't have to be their own cage, but can be the branch they are sitting on, the bit of floor they are sitting on, the feed bin etc. Wherever they are at the time is considered THEIRS and nobody else must dare come near! :roll:
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