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  1. yep jem booboo got one also round one with bell in think i got hers from pah nice pics
  2. booboo wont even chuck kiwi out of her bowl she just wont go near it lol its the only thing left
  3. i have a staff and he is scared of booboo when she starts sqawrking he goes out the room,i would never let them in the same room together though it only takes the once
  4. voted chocolate ,but fav would have to be pizza
  5. your birdies are lovely parrot lovers
  6. nmto we wasnt thinking of going til next year just thought wed go check it out sure mum would cope was just thinking how booboo would react
  7. its the only place weve heard of around our neck of the woods but weve got mum but shes a bit panicky as booboo can be a bit grumpy but if i thought shed pine i just wouldnt leave her
  8. dont get me wrong the place was really clean it just didnt seem to be a place to board birdies ,for cats and dogs looked great each to their own i suppose,booboos is used too dogs we have a staffy,but stiil wouldnt feel happy leaving her there if they had a seperate place i would think about it
  9. definately wouldnt leave her there just cant believe others do
  10. booboo is in the living room and has never been covered i close curtains wneh we go to bed and dont hear her til we get up in the morning
  11. went to look yesterday at a boarding place dogs cats and exotics in between newport and cwmbran,very clean lady seemed nice but cats everywhere and thats where they keep the birds im sorry but i would rather stay home than board booboo there,as we dont have cats shes not used to them ,the lady said birds dont seem to mind them but some people ask to put covers over cages ,surely they should have a seperate room for birdies,what do you lot think,at the end of the day shes my baby and i want the best for her
  12. booboo loves lychees apple comes a close second
  13. booboo loves lychees i peel and freeze them they seem to be ok when defrosted she still eats them the same as fresh anyway
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