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  1. steve.i think you can sex them by swab but they need the feathers for pbfd and clymidia but not 100 % sure..
  2. phone up avian biotech and get a mouth swab sent if you only want to sex your bird much easier than pulling chest feathers
  3. Angel .. i believe that closed rung parent reared birds go for around £300 well thats what i paid for most of mine way back in 1998 but the price was not the problem it was finding them it took me over a year to find the right birds... and for what to do with them ,i placed mine in flights and they made their own pairs up ...but what with bird flu stopping the import of wild caught birds i believe fo some time to come...( if not for ever) we has breeders must do more to plug the gap which surely can only be a good thing ,, there is a market for parent reared birds it maybe not as profitable as handrearing,, but as breeders our love must be with the parrot family and not the profit..huggybear i have some of my cameras connected to my plasma and can watch them in picture in picture as well ..brillant idea.
  4. i am just as sad... every day i have to take a look and see what is on the forum ...but i would,nt want it any other way ..i,am a one finger merchant as well steve i have try to use two hands but to no avall .....
  5. i think that you can,t go wrong with a good camera set up it stops the disturbing of the pairs. they do like to be left alone when they are breeding and i have found to my cost, that non stop looking only upsets them .. It also help when you make your own pairs up you can see how they react to each other...I paired up some greys and when i was watching them on my tv i could see the cock bird was not letting the hen feed i tried putting food dishes all over the flight but all my cock bird done was fly from dish to dish stopping the hen from eating.but when you was in the birdroom you could not tell that he was bulling her and if it was not for the cameras i believe i would have lost her,, so i took her out left him on his own for about 6 months interduced her back and within 6mths she was sitting on 4 eggs
  6. hi everyone, like i said a little while ago it is the bird keepers prefrence what nestbox he uses. but i had a bad expriance with a grandfather clock nestbox in that when my greys went down on eggs and where disturbed they ended up smashing there clutch of eggs so i talked to a few grey breeders who told me that in there opinion the boot box was the best to use and i have used it every since with only my cock bird smashing the eggs but like i said i feel the most important fact in breeding greys is there diet....i do very much agree with almap that as grey breeders we need to help stock the market with parent reared birds and i am trying to find has much as i can about parent rearing i,e the pros & cons I do have nest box cameras and also cctv cameras on all my pairs which i could not do with out...steve there is i guy called eric who is on parrot-link he knows a lot about cctv and i believe he gets them very cheap
  7. its not advantagous it,s just what you prefer to use. and yes it is shaped like a boot ( a little bit harder to make as well )
  8. thanks for that advice threeladdies ...when i gentle knock on my boxes some pairs step of but never leave the nestbox and some pairs dont,t move at all..i do use boot boxes so this might be why!!
  9. to start another debate ...one of the most important factors in successful breeding is diet this is very important
  10. i agree with southmed.. you will never stop learning in this hobby .. steve my experiance with my pairs is that they become very protective of the chicks and has soon has they hear me the cock bird goes straight outside the box with the hen inside, my hen birds are different in that some step of the eggs when i do look inside and some do not move at all.that is why i am glad for nestbox cameras..
  11. threeladdies.. do you let your birds parent rear and if so how do they react to the young when you take them out for ringing...( lovely photos by the way)
  12. thanks for your advice about dummy egging, i used to do this when i started keeping birds, i.e border canarys way back in the late 70,s. I did think about this but i have found that my cock birds go mental when i go near the nest box, they have even smashed their eggs before.I do have nestbox cameras on all my boxes and can observe for my front room if every thing is ok . what i plan on doing is to wait till they have two chicks and leave well alone. the only problem i see is when i have to close ring them with stainless steel psuk rings ( i only use stainless steel rings because i find that with ali rings the numbers wear of on the concrete perches ) i am a bit worried how they will react when they see the rings on their legs i have been told horrendous things of what the parent birds do.I have been handrearing greys for a long time and went through the same sleepless nights back then .( p.s so now bird flu has stopped the import of greys in a couple of years it will be very hard to obtain any breeding birds )
  13. pulling the chicks from the nest is very hard. but sometimes there is no other way .for example my greys lay their eggs 0ne every 3 days so by the time the 3rd or 4th egg has hatched the first chick is very large and taking all the food and the last hatched chick has little or no food, so i have no choice but to take the chicks or lose the youngest ones, i am going to try and parent rear soon.i,am just a bit worried that if i go down this road i will end up loseing some chicks and this will break my heart! but i believe it is something that i need to do to help with the need for parent reared birds,, and stop the import of to many african greys.
  14. what you have just said steve is the reason that this is a brillant and rewarding hobby. the only part i hate is having to take the chicks from the parents but i try and think to myself if i would have left them to bring them up them self the chances of the whole clutch making it is small
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