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  1. Hi sorry I dont get on here often, but do have a quick read of new posts its just getting time to reply. Thanks Rubytoo a diary is a brilliant idea!! I have not yet started one but have took notice of what you said and made a mental note of her behavior. I had my ex back last year and he left in August. Since my last post Toyah has bit me once and that was yesterday, I did notice that she was on her back perch and it was my choice to get her out, she has bit me on quite a few occasions when I have got her off this perch but not every time, so maybe i should wait until she "asks to come out". This time after your advice I did not react quite the same, I did still still flick her off my hand, but instead of telling her off and putting her back in her cage I just calmly picked her up and carried on what I was doing, so she didnt have the big massive reaction that she usually gets.. On a lighter note I had a first date on Thursday and he brought parrot treats lol he may be a keeper...love me love my parrot..xx
  2. Hi Rubytoo ...yeah you had it right we had split up and I took him back after 7yrs apart, when we split the first time I had to leave and couldn't take her so I boarded her with a lovely parrot person my ex went and got her to spite me and proceeded to past her from pillow to post with different people who knew nothing about parrots, she was kept in her cage in a room on her own for a month solid and this is when the plucking started, she is a person parrot who loves company I actually ended up with a court order to get her back. I have had her back now for 5 yrs and the plucking is much improved. xx
  3. Hi to all just to let you know Toyah has not bit me since I last posted...however this is what happens she goes for a while then starts again....maybe its hormonal something like pmts do birds get this?....Well have upgraded to the big green feather duster and she is keeping off my blinds lol... For anyone who has viewed my photos on photo bucket they are before and after she was parrotnapped by my ex I got her back in a right feather plucked state as you can see, I am pleased to report that although she still has a little pluck she now looks hell of a lot better will try and upload some more photos...xx
  4. Hi to you all sorry for the delay in replying... and lol its not very often I bump into another Caron so hi from me..xx thank you for your reply's you will all be happy to know that Toyah has not bit me for a whole 24hrs yippieee....I have took all your comments in, thank you so much..Its a shame that she is missing her dad but hopefully she will move on, she just so loves men she runs up and down the window sill shouting if one passes in the street its a sight to see lol.. Thanks for your advice fannyann but wont use the dowling as I think she would freak think the best thing is as you said earlier is to distract her. Caron thanks for your advice yeah a towel is great I use them when she has bit me to pick her back up I fold a small hand towel and keep it between her beak and my hand works a treat...that is a good idea to drape it over my hand. Hi rubytoo thanks for your reply no worry's mixing me up with the other caron lol....at the moment I have a small feather duster sticking out of my blinds it used to keep her off but she has got wise to it now so time to upgrade to the big green one me thinks. I really hope Toyah grows out of this as she is not usually like this I wont say she never bites but there is usually a good reason not just this randomness...will keep you all informed if thats ok and if anyone has anymore advice look forward to hearing from you ...xxx
  5. Hi fannyann thank you so much for your reply. Well she most defiantly gets a massive reaction out of me when she bites me lol. I got her out of her cage this morning ok I used a piece of carrot rather than a toy as she has no interest in toys, although she has a cage full she prefers my wood work and fingers, but she was not interested in the carrot although it did offer a distraction so will continue to do this. I have just got her off my blinds again and I really think this is an attention thing as she just hangs there till i get her I do not react to this just pick her up and put her on her perch which is the top of the door made parrot safe, however she just tried to bite me but was too quick for her as I read her body language. The only thing that has changed is after 7yrs apart my ex husband and I got back together then after 9mths together he left, about 6mths ago!!! She absolutely adored him she is very much a man bird and now there is no man in her life!!!, could this be the root of her problem if so what can I do, other than get a man lol. Thanks again Will keep you informed of my progress.
  6. Hi thank you for viewing and hopefully I have posted in the right place.. Can anyone please help...My 13yr old African Grey has took to biting me quite badly my hand is now resembling a piece of chopped liver!!..She is used to being handled, eating and drinking as normal and shows no sign of ill health, but over the last 6mths has randomly started to take chunks out of me and its getting worse. She has bit me twice today. It happens mostly when I take her out of her cage she puts her head down for a scratch steps up lovely then takes a chunk!! always when im least expecting it, its so painful it makes me cry, the only way I can get her off is to flip her on the floor, not good I know, then I use the distraction technique which usually consists of a towel between her beak and my hand and back in the cage she goes. She also does this at random times ie I have just pealed her off of my blinds she stepped onto my hand really nice I gave her a head scratch then she took her pound of flesh. I live on my own with her and basically run my life around her, she is not left alone for long periods of time and gets a good nights sleep, I am not frightened of handling her so am not nervous when picking her up. Please can anyone advice me on what to do.
  7. Hi Net my ex husband took her when we split up, and passed her around all his mates, who knew nothing about looking after parrots, himself included, this was just to spite me! The police saw her as "just a bird" and they don't get involved in domestics. He came to his senses 3 yrs later at the final hearing of our divorce and gave her back to me (I was rather hoping the judge would have granted me custody). Im afraid he lost the plot and set out to hurt me but did not realise the consequences of his actions until it was too late, he would have never intentionally hurt Toyah, he did and still does loves her, and I am sure he is deeply sorry about what he did. x
  8. Thanks again Freddie will look up the topics... have put some photos in my photo bucket album under the title "Toyah now" Regards Caronx
  9. David... yes I took it as a semi serious question x Freddie..thanks for your reply..Toyah is 8yrs old and I am sure she is a girl. She is just the same as Freddie normal in every other way, she has never really played much with toys so that part of her behaviour is "normal" to her..before she was parrotnapped she spent a lot of time out of her cage if I was in home she was out; other than when I was cooking or if she was being a bit too naughty, so I do think it has more to do with her being locked in for such a long time and that was also when the feather plucking started. What benefits do the cider vinegar provide and where do I get it from? There are some old photos of Toyah on my photo bucket link but will post some of how she looks now. Could you please send me the link to Jetbirds recipe think I quite fancy that myself . Thank you Caronx
  10. Lol...took me a while to get that one..yes its the same bird cause she still swears in my voice!!!!
  11. Hi can anyone advice me on a diet change for my African grey Toyah. I have recently got her back after her being parrotnapped for almost 3yrs and her diet has gone to pot!! She is also feather plucking!! caused by being locked in her cage for over a month solid!! I have always fed her a good quality seed diet, supplemented by loads of fruit and vegetables and dietary supplements, calcivet and daily essentials 3 but now all she wants to eat is the seed and any other rubbish she can lay her beak on. She is healthy and active in all other aspects but am worried with the wrong diet this will not be maintained. I still keep offering all the 'right foods' but she is not interested!! She has plenty of toys in her cage but does not really play with them she is more interested in being out and chewing my woodwork. I am thinking of a pelleted diet, hopefully to get the right vitamins into her diet, maybe Harrison's and tying palm nuts and still offering her fruit and vegetables and making a foraging pot to contain a small amount of seeds. I can not mist her as she really hates it the only way she will bathe is if I stand with the kitchen tap running and hold a shallow bowl under it she then jumps in and out of it, but she do that very often. Thank you x
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