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  1. Hi Mike, On the CITES certificate, it says Amazona ochrocephala auropalliata. She does have some red under her wing, don't know if this qualifies as not. Here's a couple of older pics where you can see it clearly: Here's a couple of shots of how the blue stands out on her forehead too when caught in the right light (it doesn't usually look this strong, I should point out): She also has the same blue on her throat. Hope this helps.
  2. Here's a couple of shots hubby took for me this evening, in natural light. Sorry about the lack of focus on the first one, she wouldn't keep still.
  3. Hi bigbelly. It's confusing, isn't it? I'll see if I can get a good profile photo of Monty like yours this evening. Pity you're right the other side of the country, otherwise we could get together and stand them next to each other lol.
  4. Thanks Mike, you've been really helpful. Love your baby Hyacinths, by the way. Absolutely gorgeous.
  5. Hi Mike, you believe her to be auropalliata I take it? I've never seen another YNA in real-life to compare. I used the link Ros mentioned ages ago and it's been the clearest reference I've found. Can't remember why I settled on parvipes, possibly the reference to yellow on the head. It's nice to hear from someone who knows about this, I've often researched on the 'net and found very little clear info on identifying sub-species. Most places just give a generic description.
  6. Just wanted to tell everyone the good news - a few days ago, while ruffling Monty's nape, I spotted a small yellow feather! It's still growing and is now more visible, but she won't keep still long enough for me to take a decent photo. Here's a pic I took the day I noticed it, it's the best I've been able to get lol.
  7. Thanks for the updates Mike, I'm so glad things are turning out well!
  8. Awww... I hope the appointment went well this evening, what a little darling Piper is! *fingers crossed*
  9. Thank you for sharing Blue's story, I can understand how painful it was to write. Sounds like he was such a wonderful character - and Bonnie and Bobo too! I wish Bonnie a full and speedy recovery form her operation.
  10. Hi Mike, I just wanted to say that I completely understand the trauma of losing a loved birdie. I lost my BFA, Ozzy, two and a half years ago and it still hurts to think of him. I posted the story and you can read it if you look back at my earlier posts. I don't like to repeat what happened, even after all this time. Ozzy was my only Amazon and losing him left such a gaping hole that I immediately knew I had to have another. Some people might think I was quite cold considering this so soon after Ozzy's death, but it felt like the only way to move forward. I could not bear to have another BFA though, and so we ended up with a beautiful YNA instead, Monty. She is very different from Ozzy in personality, but still a typical Amazon in heart and soul. A few months after Ozzy's passing, I visited our breeder and he was offering a "secondhand" BFA for sale on behalf of someone else. His name was Gus. I remember he had that gruff voice which BFAs tend to have and I practically lost my heart to him then and there. Before me and my husband could come to a decision on buying him though the owner changed their mind and kept him. Every BFA I see still reminds me of Ozzy and the pain has never been totally erased. But I remind myself that if he had not gone away, we would not have met Monty and perhaps that was his gift to us. Sorry if this turned into an emotional ramble, I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone and it will get easier with time. Well done for having the strength to welcome another BFA into your family, it is something I may never be able to do. All my best wishes to Bonnie with her leg operation, I'm sure she'll love being able to stand tall and proud.
  11. Becky


    Hunny is gorgeous! YNAs just love a good shower, don't they? Though our Monty prefers to go silly after she's been soaked and is back downstairs on her parrot tower. How old is Hunny? He's got a handsome nape on him.
  12. Hi Roz, I've missed coming here. Didn't realise it had been so long! :shock: Will have to subscribe to chatty status come payday and then I can join in with all the gossip. Thanks for the info and the PM. I vaguely remember reading/hearing somewhere before that some yellow-napes never get the yellow nape. Not to worry, I love her just the same. Oh, but her parents apparantly had lovely napes lol.
  13. Hi folks, wonder if any of you could put my mind at ease about our Yellow-Naped Amazon, Monty. She was 3 last month and is currently going through a moult, but there are still no signs of any yellow feathers coming in on her nape. She's got a nice yellow patch on her crown mind you, which has been there for almost two years. I can find very little info on the net about when the yellow should come in, the few articles I have found say the odd one should appear between 2 to 3 years of age. She's definitely a yellow-nape, by the way, I have her papers. To the casual observer, I'm sure she looks like a yellow-crown. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  14. Becky

    i have a slight problem

    Do you know why only certain people can get in? I know a few forums (mine included) which have a hidden forum that becomes accessible upon reaching a certain postcount. I don't "promote" it in case it encourages spam just to get postcounts up. I also have hidden areas for over-18s which cover mature fanfiction and discussion. Could it be a special interest group? Perhaps it's even a subsection for people the admin personally knows and may not even be related to the main forum subject matter? There's all sorts of reasons for hidden and private forums, not necessarily underhand ones. If it really bothers you, contact the forum staff and just ask what it's for and how you get access.
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