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  1. I tried the finger method... ended up with a fairly think layer covering her eye but she wouldn't open her eye and she kept rubbing it, so I tried to remove some of it, should I have done this or should I just have left it as it was? Won't the F10 be uncomfortable for her?
  2. I've got some F10 on it's way, how diluted should it be?
  3. Thanks guys! Has anybody got any tips as to how to best apply the eye drops? They are more like a gel than anything else, I really struggled to apply them! I got Max all settled down and everything lined up and then just as I was about to apply them she twitched her eye and it ended up all over her eye lid #-o and I had to give up in the end has Max as getting too stressed so any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Just a quick update... When I got home from work yesterday Max's eye had gotten worse (eye had gotten red and puffy) so I got an appointment for first thing this morning, unfortuantely their avaian vet was in quarantine but he consulted with the vet that I did see. Turns out that Max has a scratch on her eye so I've got some eye drops are called Fucithalmic Vet, have anybody here got any experiance with them? Also, is a scratched eye anything to worry too much about? I've given everything a good clean and replaced anything that I think might have caused it.
  5. thanks hotfoot To be honest that was what I was worried about. I might try to take her with me in the shower as she loves her showers and I'm hoping that if she has got something in her eye that I can't see then it might wash it out.
  6. I'm after a bit of advice... Max has started shutting her right eye as if she has something in it, she does open it occasionally but not very often. I've had a look in the light but I couldn't see anything, it looks bright and clear. I can't get an appointment at the avian vet till Wednesday morning so I was wondering what would be the best thing to do in the mean time? Should I try to rinse her eye? If so whats the best thing to use and whats the best way of doing it? Or should I just leave it and keep a close eye on it? Thanks Ken
  7. Thanks for all of the advice! Unfortunately speaking to the neighbours is out of the question. Let’s just say that they aren’t the friendliest people around and to be honest they are just plain weird! I’ve gone for the water option so today I picked up the biggest super soaker I could find, but it’s nice to know that there are other options if it continues to be a problem! Most admit I feel so sorry for Fluffy cuz she is so scared when she wants to go out and we’ve had 3 vet visits so far do to the bullying!
  8. Just a very very quick question... We’ve got a problem with next doors cats (there are 4 or 5 of them), basically they are all picking on our cat! It is getting so bad that Fluffy (our cat) is scared of going outside and she is so jumpy! I’m forever having to chase them away! Literally just 5 seconds ago Fluffy wanted to come in but as I’m on my way to the door I hear a cat fight and as I open the door there a tuffs of fur flying everywhere and next doors big male cat goes chasing after fluffy! It has come to the stage now where I’ve had enough but I really don’t know what to do! What can I do?
  9. personally I love budgies... great fun to watch!
  10. God can’t believe that no one has mentioned Tour de France, Bowls, Snooker, Long distance running and not to mention half the sports in the Olympics and Winter Olympics!
  11. Would this cage be suitable for an Ekkie? Bar spacing is 2cm H 155cm W 107cm D 66cm I know that there are a few members on here who has this cage and was wondering what they think of it?
  12. yeah I've seen that one on preloved a few times! Some of the things/people on preloved are just unbelievable!!!
  13. Someone at work just asked me if there is a common or associated name with parrots? A bit like Spot and Rover with dogs! This got me thinking but I really can’t think of any, I know that Polly is a very stereotypical parrot name but I can’t actually think of any parrots named Polly, probably the most common name that I can think of is Max but surely there as got a more common/popular name than that? So is there an associated name if not what do you think are the most common/popular parrot names?
  14. It will be just as your favorite TV program starts or just as you are about to sit down for dinner!
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