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  1. in my own experience i spoon feed it is more time cosuming but i think a better way to feed but when the chicks get to weaning stage they tend to arse around a lot and so i do tend to sringe the last feed
  2. at the moment they look good for replacing the cage will keep u all posted
  3. Moved from topics of Chat and General Interest ( Abez) Well folks looks like we are not going to have anybird sales for another six months after defra's notice (below) H5N1 avian influenza (Asian strain) in poultry, Suffolk Defra home page What's new on this site Media Centre home News sections: > News releases > News stories > Focus articles > Ministerial statements Tests from the Veterinary Laboratories Agency (VLA) have confirmed that the sample from the poultry found dead on a farm near Lowestoft in Suffolk contained the H5N1 avian flu virus, and that it is the highly pathogenic Asian strain. It is similar to the virus that was found in Hungary in January. The State Veterinary Service are enforcing a Protection Zone of three kilometres radius and a Surveillance Zone of 10 kilometres around the premises where movement restrictions will be imposed and poultry must be isolated from wild birds. A wider Restricted Zone has also (in consultation with ornithologists) been imposed, covering east Suffolk and South East Norfolk bounded to the west and the north by the A140 and A47 respectively, an area of approximately 2090sqkm. It requires the isolation of poultry from wild birds, and requires movements to be licensed. As further information becomes available and in consultation with ornithological experts the restrictions in place may be adjusted. The national general licence on bird gatherings has been revoked, and bird shows and pigeon racing will no longer be permitted. There is no reason for public health concern. Avian Influenza is a disease of birds and whilst it can pass very rarely and with difficulty to humans, this requires extremely close contact with infected birds, particularly faeces. Advice from the Food Standards Agency remains that properly cooked poultry and poultry products, including eggs, are safe to eat. Keepers of birds are urged to be vigilant and to exercise good biosecurity. Any owners that suspect disease should act quickly and consult their vet. Avian influenza is a notifiable disease and must be reported to the local Divisional Veterinary Manager in the State Veterinary Service (see below). Helpline If you need advice on Avian flu please call the Defra Helpline - 08459 33 55 77 (8.30am - 8.00pm 7 days a week) - and choose the Avian Influenza option. If you find dead wild gulls, waders, ducks, geese or swans and you are within a survey area or are unsure whether you are in a surveillance area (targeted surveillance for avian influenza viruses in wild birds is ongoing) you may wish to contact the Defra Helpline (as above) and choose the Avian Influenza option, or check the map on the Defra website (below) it was the carlisle show today so that wont be happening and i would think stafford will get knocked on the head as well. hope the one in october is on
  4. hi all i just bought a (richmond)new cage for my timneh grey of e-bay i opened the box and was going to assemble it when i noticed one of the legs was badly bent and one of the bars were bent on the side as well pretty peeved off wanted him in his new home for the weekend has anyone delt with them are they pretty good with customer service i dont want to get lumbered with a knakered cage any advice please thanks andy
  5. i'm going to norfolk mid july (norwich)is there any aviarys(bird gardens local) that i should visit...i have been to morley aviarys (great stuff)nr wymondam ? but is there anything else i should know about. andy
  6. I'm in garstang lancashire could help /transport/take in birds if needed to help anyone out
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